Two years later..

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Hi Everybody. If there’s anyone reading it anyway. .

It’s been a while since I last wrote. I had been writing blog since I was 18 years old so by the time I’m 35 (yes, proud to be 35 years old!haha) I was not in the momentum of writing anymore. To those who still writes, good job peeps! I am your silent reader 🙂

Anyway, the last time I wrote was in January 2017. Wow! It’s been two and half years now. And suddenly I feel like it’s time for me to write my journey, for my own keepsake.

So fast forwards 2019, we are still TTC. Alhamdulillah.. Still not giving up 🙂 Well, since our last meeting with the doctor was in 2017. Last year was really a roller coaster ride for us. I mean work had been super hectic and I got promoted. Alhamdulillah. I am now working at a new Agency, and well, the higher position you get, the more workload you need to face and handle. That’s all pretty normal to all of us. So 2018 was not really the year for us to like ‘thrust’ or ‘thrive’. Maybe Allah has better plans for us, right?

So in June 2018 I has started working in the new workplace and the workload was like flowing in soooo fast! It was both exciting and tiring for me because I need to double my work to catch up with the new environment, new business model, and new system. Being in a new place really put me into a fast pace and full throttle mode. In four months I was supposed to cover for two units (for temporary) !  Maybe I was thinking too much and the mind was like working all the time so I feel like sometime I was sleepwalking (half awake and half sleeping).  So, on this one unfortunate morning in October, I was waking up from my sleeping in the middle of the night and my mind just trailed off to the thought of the lights was not switched off in my living room. Automatically I woke up, stood up, and slowly walked down the stairs towards the living room (in dazed). Don’t ask me why. I was confused with my own action too. So in that dazed, as I was going down the stairs, I slipped and skipped two stairs and BROKE my right foot!

So yup, for the first time in my life, I broke my foot! Not during my running, not during netball nor handball but from falling off the stairs. Masha Allah.. Maybe Allah knows that I needed the rest like a PAUSE button for a moment, from work. so I end up having Medical leaves for TWO MONTHS. During that two months, I was home bound and yes, no little Rash.Er on the way yet.. so come 2019……

to be continued…



road to baby

hello peeps! wow it’s been a lousy weekend for me. For those who known me, I have been married for three years now. Blessed and bliss. Alhamdulillah I am thankful for every second of life I have. Anyways, for these past three years too, Acit and I had been TTC (Trying to concieve). We’re not in a rush though.. most people said that “It’s ok,it’s still early..” “Enjoy your honeymoon..” “Akak dah 9 tahun dik..baru lekat..” and so on.. 😉

Alhamdulillah, I am blessed with both understanding parents and in laws. Mak is trying her best not to bring up the topic despite at times she did say I put on weight and in a way trying to dig whether I’m concieving.. pity Mak. I know she wants to see her soon grandchild. But I hope she could bare with us. It’s all in Allah’s hands right?

My parents on the other hand would never brought up the ‘When’ but will keep on asking if I wanna go berurut (traditional massage for women) and meet ustaz this and that. Well, I did go. But brrr..scary! Not gonna repeat again.hihi

I don’t really talk about having a baby or trying to concieve. For me, it’s something beyond my control. It’s not like I don’t do anything, you know 😉  I may look calm, but I did meet the gynae for the past 17 years 🙂  Recently this year..I am braving myself to start to do ‘something’. I’m giving myself some time too. I’m well known for ‘taking one at a time’ . Well sometimes, I am too slow at taking my time. But then again, it’s all in Allah’s plan. So I’ve finally done my HSG. What is HSG (hysterosalpingogram)?

A hysterosalpingogram, or HSG is an important test of female fertility potential. The HSG test is a radiology procedure usually done in the radiology department of a hospital or outpatient radiology facility.

Radiographic contrast (dye) is injected into the uterine cavity through the vagina and cervix The uterine cavity fills with dye and if the fallopian tubes are open, dye fills the tubes and spills into the abdominal cavity.

This shows whether the fallopian tubes are open or blocked and whether a blockage is at the junction of the tube and uterus (proximal) or at the other end of the tube (distal).

Boy, my experience was scary! (for me) . I can’t stand pain. like literally PAIN.ouch! peeled skin, papercut, scratch, anything that bleed! but I’m not trying to scare you. Just be prepared for the worst! In my case, I have a doctor friend who advised me to take a painkiller before hand. She knew I am the kind who can’t stand period pain or any kind of pain. so I did. And alhamdulillah, during the dye thingy, I don’t feel much pain. But during inserting the tube..boy, I was in agony!  because I have a quite ‘deep’ uterus *sweats* I was reading zikr all the time with tears streaming like waterfalls from my eyes. The procedure took up almost an hour (depends on your condition). It was not so good experience for me but that’s because I am a scaredy cat. Fear of every single thing! haha

But that was me. In Shaa Allah.. I prayed that yours will be smooth sailing ok 🙂 be positive. Alhamdulillah…for me, both tubes are fine ♥  So next, I will need to go for another consultation. Pray for me aite 😉  If people keep on asking when will we have a baby, I will just say. I’m following the plan. Allah’s plan 🙂

#ttc 4 years and counting

happy birthday bunny!

it’s been ages since all of us hang together! well we actually keep ourselves busy just to make sure it was long enough to make us misses each other 😛

So last week has been a tough week for Farah. We actually planned for a lunch together before knowing Salma was unwell with swollen tonsil. We almost bailed this lunch date til a day before the lunch date, she finally said she could make it. *bless*  Funny part is we (the breakfastgang) are like doing a deadly mission cause we planned for weeks for her birthday celebration (belated ones) but the confirmation was only few hours before the real day. haha! But alhamdulillah to all my kesayangan who actually made it! Azz reserved the place at Rakuzen. Via has facial in publika and need to rush from publika to get to Damas on time. I ordered the cake in morning, lucky I had dear Gurl to make me a last minute Devil’s Choc Cake ( you are my favourite baker, Gurl ❤ ) with generous amount of berries on top! ❤ ❤  And rushed to TTDI and passed the cake to Id so she could get the cake before Farah and I arrived.

So when the day came, I picked up Farah. told her that I changed plan to go to another place in Hartamas, and she kept on repeating “i need to go to the toilet. i need to fix my tudung”. So as soon as we arrived, I thought everyone was there! LOL little that I know on ‘the way’ to the loo, we bumped into VIA (suspect number 1) and Ya Allah, when we turned around, there was SHOE! (suspect number 2) holding balloons towards us! hahaha this, was unplanned!! we were only going to the LOO!! boleh pulak loo tu DEKAT RAKUZEN! hahaha ya Allah!! I just kept on insisting Farah to get to the loo and i was i need of doing my No.1 . so, after fixing her not so senget tudung, we headed to Rakuzen (Farah was still in blur mode) it was almost mission abort until we entered Rakuzen and SUPRISEEEE!!



we had the fireworks candle not just one but TWO! for Farah..haha glad she was so happy and it lifted up her mood the whole day.. alhamdulillah. You needed it Farah. Poor you, not enough rest and sleep. Today we EATTTT!!! hehe


The usual suspect ❤

Thanks Azz for making time for us. She had been super busy with her MBA classes. With everyone busy with family plannings, it was Christmas day by the way. Alhamdulillah I was glad that everyone could make it. Despite, it was almost failure attempt we managed to have the whole section to ourselves and laughing our heads of on King Coco and Nur Sajat. aduyaaiii.. we had a great time. Hope you had an awesome Christmas too peeps!

much love xx

Keep you friends close, keep your enemy closer. But I sure know that these people are wayyy closer than my enemy ❤

nihon welcomed us home ;)

Helluuuuu!! look at the date! it’s another two days to 7th of Jan. ehem2.someone is turning the same age as I am! yeayy!! (by 6 months

Frankly, we are still two. hehe no sign of bun in the oven yet. Alhamdulillah I am thankful for whatever I have right now. Roof over my head, bed to sleep in,  car to commute, work to go to everyday, understanding family and most importantly my dear husband ♥ I am happy as it is..

so last year marked our 3rd anniversary. We did not go anywhere fancy for dinner nor going to nice hotel for ‘honeymoon’ because we decided to save up some money for… JAPAN! 🙂

it was quite an impulsive ‘air ticket’ purchase but it was definitely worth every penny. We spent a week in Japan and we revisit my school, my teacher, my host family, my fave park, my fave food.ahhhh…memories ♥ ♥


Happy 3rd Anniversary sayang. May Allah bless and cherish us with love, kindness, patience, love, health, tolerance, trust and most of all barakah. Aamiin Ya Rabb 🙂

four months later..

helloooo!! phewww!! we finally settled down in our new home. Alhamdulillah..but still a lot of things need to be done here and there.but the basic things like sofas, tv, dining table are all in place. need to work on few things though. Alhamdulillah our neighbours are also starting to fill up the empty houses. I have both neighbours on my left and my right. And so far, everyone is friendly and we even have a whatsapp group for our housing area. hihi technology nowadays.  Despite being busy coping up with our life, new home and stuffs (and my ‘hectic’ boss) , Alhamdulillah we managed to squeeze in a little bit of Erin + Acit traveling this year 😉

Guess where did we go?







*drum roll*


JAPAN!! —-> balik kampung! 🙂 🙂

Will update about it soon! for now, our office is moving out soon! so another hectic week of packing stuffs that has been with me for the past SEVEN years. well hello 2017, hello new office! YEAYY!! ❤

too longggg overdue : Bright side *sunbeamed*

Hey peeps! I’m still around.. and yes still writing  (mostly reading) blog. Just that too many drafts so i decided to ditch all the drafts. Barely remembered what happened anyway 😀

Anyways..August will be an awesome month for me (and Acit of course!).. It’s our Anniversary Month! ❤  In Shaa Allah.. 🙂

Alhamdulillah, to start off the month we finally ran for Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon 2016 after they had postponed it last year. We actually trained for last year’s run, but they cancelled it!! pffttt!! And this year, when we actually had no time to train, they actually held it. haha! ape lagi..pancit lah..but we managed to run for 1hr 38mins. weehooo!! Way to go team #erinacitrun Nothing to be proud off but it’s because we did not trained 😛 We sure did have a great time running thru the city of KL. I almost cried few times looking at the scenery (ok,I lied) Definitely joining the SCKLM again next year!

We had finally moved out to a new place too! Alhamdulillah, we are now residing at our new home in Langat Utama. It’s the saddest and happiest moment in our lives. Leaving the old crib was a wee bit teary for us..knowing that we will no longer staying with the safe surrounding, clean garbage system, and also close to EVERYWHERE! Malls, car wash, clinics, hospital, mom’s place, u name it.

Although our new home is quite suburb and further up from Putrajaya..But ..moving in to our new place is the best part of our life!! (after getting married, of course!) 😀 😀 😀 Some friends are just so lovely congratulated and wishing us well. Masha Allah those thoughtful and warm wishes totally made us feel much much better.

We have not settled down (yet) still need to unpack and rearrange some stuffs..but on the bright side, did you know? Our new place has all the facilities we needed… right BEHIND OUR HOUSE!! Best kan? We have the best nasi daging in town (by Chef Norman Musa), the cheapest and tastiest nasi goreng,mihun goreng,all the gorengs, we also have 99 SpeedMart, and we also have coin laundry!! I LOVEEEE COIN LAUNDRY! XD

So, August. Be nice…I know you already did. Alhamdulillah.. 🙂 🙂 🙂



First weekend!

Phew!! January started off pretty well 😘 Work had been pouring like waterfalls. Headache? Series of it come and go..but at least it’s weekend now! Weeee

I’m hoping for my luck this year. My unicorn 🦄🦄🦄 (just a metaphore. Come on!) but yeah, I hope this year will be smooth sailing for us 🐱🦁🐯 Meowwww!

Happy weeeeekennnddd!!  #throwback Taken at Villa Rimbun Desa, Kuang 😍😍

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