the kat family

last weekends was a greatttt rest for me.went to starhill with lil bro.accompanied him to buy some a shop called ‘hujung store’.hehe.kinda cool though.but the stuffs could actually be found in curve je:P but anyways,he treated me i don’t mind pun.hehe.and the next day was my date with mrs khadijah and family!a long lost friend since primary.kinda close though.if u noticed khadijah,she’s actually in some of the adverts in tv.but masa tu dia tak bertudung lagilah šŸ˜› anyways,at first the plan was supposed to be me,canaz,dell and sha.and of course kat lah!but end up there’s only me and canaz.since sha’s not feeling well with her morning sickness and all.aiks!we planned to meet up at ikea.i wanna eat the meatball spagetti of course.but luck was not on my side.

i drove from home at 3.30 and guess what?? i was stucked in the traffic at the junction in front of the ikano for freaking 45minutes!!and it was freaking hottt!!although the aircond was full blast!! ya Allah.sabar je after i got through the junction.sampai ikea.PARKING FULL!! i decided to go to tesco.i went round and round and round for fudging 10 times.i gave up.terus pegi curve.the girls were already in ikea.but the place were i told them to meet up at curve.aishhh..masuk curve tak sampai 5minit.dah ada parking anyways,we met up at kenny rogers.haha.out of the places!i reallllyy wanna eat big apple with coffee!!but takpelah.i was hungry anyways and little aishah might be hungry meet darling aishah and mummy and lil anas šŸ˜‰

and there were few attempts to take pictures with anas.but tak end up amek muka anas je lah.and few candids.

well of course,at the end.we have a group photo.

see naughty aishah.can never put a straight face.but she is s0oo cuteee!!she ask her mom to cut a chicken and end up saying “mama,can u open my chicken?” so cute!! and when i asked her about upin & ipin.she went like “haa?” “haa?” “mama,ape tu upin and pipinn?? kenapa aishah tak penah dengar??” then after a while she’ll go “ouhh..i saw that cartoon on uncle mat’s tshirt’.haha!i was like ya Allah cute please.she will make that squinting eyes.grrrr..comel!!!then she will go “mamaaa…aishah nak chicken and fish!” and guess what she meant?she meant chicken and rice.boleh? she is s0oo talkative!but of course!i had a great time catching up with khadijah and teasing and talking to lil cutelah her.definitely gonna meet her again!;) i wanna see anas when he grows up too šŸ˜‰

oh ok eyes barely open now.i’m off to bed.someone’s treating me caramel frappucino with chocolate chips tomorrow!yum2!! and i’m missing someone who likes caramel frappucino too!pelik kan?haha.ok dah.nite peeps.much love xx

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