hollaa holland! ♥ oi oi oi

and so the first two days in London was a greattt startt!! we were all pumped up for our next venue : Holland! oi oi oi! hee..i love saying the oi 😛 it’s actually Hi in Dutch 😉 my parents and I are definitely looking forward for Holland as we are very very looking forward for SPRING!! we planned to go to Keunkenhof! yeayyy!! yeap,the place where u can see all these beautiful tulips,lilies and also orchids! oh there’s other flowers too! like hydrangea and azaleas etc.

and so!we woke up as early as 4am!from Mile End to Stansted Airport.sempat shopping scarves for Nadz and Hackett for abang.haha.i should’ve bought more scarves at Tie Rack 😀 but its ok.i can still get it from Kaem 😉 and so, our flight was at 655am.and we reached Eindhoven Airport at 755am which is supposed to be 855am in Holland.gosh!changing timeline really kills me.we were confused! (most of the time.LOL) and so,alhamdulillah. arriving in Holland was easy. and everything went smooth 🙂 we took a bus to Eindhoven Centraal. And we met Kaem!! it was funny how Kaem herself is discovering new experience during our visit. She just knew where can we put the BIGGG luggage at the Centraal.and how to buy a ticket and all (because she had been relying tooo much on her debit card.haha!bless u kaem ♥)

so we arrived in Roermond station and boy! it was 10-15minutes walk from the station to the Roermond Factory Outlet! boy,we are almost patah pinggang.in the cold,we wish there’s a bus to there.but, we managed to arrive there safely! ;P berkat semangat untuk shopping.LOL

and we had the nicest lunch! the food was amazinnnngg!! but the strawberry crush is yuck!tooo freshhh and masam! 😛

after the quick lunch.we head for more shopping!! weeee~~

sorry.not many pictures of mom and dad.they went missing.shopping 😛 out of nowhere, they came back with more bags 😛 well,they really need to check their credit card limit.like,REALLLYY check.their cards seem limitless 😛 haha!so after 5 hours of shopping..we headed back to Delft.finally, we reached kaem’s humble little studio!oh i love her place sooo much !! ♥ so homely! and she made my mom forced me to buy furniture for my house from IKEA too.like pronto! aiyohhh 😛 very easily influenced lah mama 😛

so nice and cozy right?? mom and dad gets to sleep in it.haihh *jealous* haha!and ummm ummm! we had nice amazing meals at kaem’s.boy,she cooks very well!!and mom bought fresh strawberries too!sedappnyaaa!! (ok,tipu je.saya tak makan pun.so i tak tau sedap ke tak 😛 ) we had our tummy filled up.and ready to sleep.re-energize for tomorrow’s agenda! TULIPS!! ♥ ♥

3 thoughts on “hollaa holland! ♥ oi oi oi

  1. ehhh i know where to buy a ticket! hehe! just that i use my ov-card most of the time.. hehe! ehhh u know i have to pay the fine in full! melayang 45euro 😦 definitely wont forget to check-in dah lepas ni..


  2. hahahah saje je!! it's so funny when mom hafta remind u “jangan lupa tet kad tu!” hehehehe..aik? kena saman ke?? alamakkk!! kesiannnyaaa!! sorryyy if we were the cause 😦


  3. ahahha! itu laa psal! xlah, rasanya org tu lupa inform that aku just kn byar harga tiket je.. xpa lah.. not your fault laa, aku yg terlupa nak check-in sbb nak kejar train punya psal.. huhu!


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