Japan #revisit : Day 1 : Ueno Koen,Siddique Akihabara and Suitengumae

hi peeps!! hmm..saya masih di dalam dunia angau saya.hehe..alaa..biasalah tuu..namanya ‘travel bug’.after traveling,or holidaying..u will have a a week of ‘angau’ and feeling super duper lazy for work.it will make you more lazy when you have nothing to do at work! 😛

anyways,lemme tell you about my short week trip back to Japan.as u all know i was in Japan for a while back in 2004/2005.not long enough like some of you studied your degree out there 😛 but long enough to change my heart.my mind and my perception on life 🙂 so last week,i decided to bring my family to the place i used to live and walk through my lives back in Tokyo 😉 hehe..puitis nya hang! 😛 so my parents, my lil bro and i went to Tokyo by Air Asia X (always a big fan of AA 😉 and landed in Haneda Airport on Monday 23:00hrs,Japan time.it was reallllyy cold windy spring.we arrived and settled our bags.went straight to buy the Limousine bus tickets to Hakozaki (T-CAT station). the Hakozaki station is only 10mins away (by foot) to our apartment, Kurumi Mansion.

the bus took around 20mins from Haneda Airport to the Hakozaki station.and we reached the apartment quite late at night.and we were all tired and sleepy.so we slept at 2am and woke up all psyched the next day!! 🙂 so our first day was spent in Ueno.for some strolling at the Ameyoko market.saw some few interesting things and we headed straight to Ueno Koen (Ueno Park).we’re lucky enough to get there on weekdays as the weekends will be filled with THOUSANDS of people for Hanami.so we were lucky enough to have some time under the sakura tree 🙂 masyaAllah..it was really beautiful!! ♥ ♥

we went to the Ueno park with Abg Walid and we walked all the way from Ueno to Akihabara and had our halal food at the Siddique Restaurant.the food was yummy!! thanks to abg walid 😉 and if you see the pictures of riverside with sakura trees.that is where we stayed!our house is right after the Sumidagawa river 🙂 and we also made some home cook at the apartment and had abg walid over for dinner 🙂 our first day was just walking around the city and just to let my family feel the air and witness the gorgeous sakura flowers 🙂 it was sucha beautiful weather and we definitely had great time watching the sakura that day 🙂 and so,end of day one. and the next day is Mitaka,Gibhli Museum and Asakusa 🙂 enjoy the photos! much love xx