kena saman.masuk court!

helooooo 🙂 how’s your day?mine alhamdulillah..friday i’m in ♥ 😉 hehe..buttt..yesterday was a shocker to me! i was about to get off from work.and i thought,my day was turning out just fine…unfortunately NO 😦 it’s all because of the damn red notices i had been receiving for the past three months.

FYI,i used a streamyx WIFI previously.well the story is….i was using Streamyx for almost 6years now,and it was the old type where just one LAN cable is connected to ONLY one pc.due to the owner,whom is me.i was the only person using the internet in my home back in TTDI.but as years gone by,dad’s starting to work and little brother has started they need to use the internet,mulalah saya terhegeh2 nak upgrade kan streamyx jadi WIFI 😛 but little that i know,streamyx wifi really sucks when there’s 3 people using at the same time,in the same house.pfft!! so we decided to change to UNIFI somewhere in December last year! well,I DID NOT KNOW that if you have upgraded to streamyx WIFI previously, there’s a contract of one year! ignorance was not a bliss,but a curse! so yesterday…when i was about to get off work..a guy called.

“Cik Zaireen, saya dari jabatan guaman bla bla bla..nama cik ni akan dibawa ke mahkamah sekiranya cik tidak membuat bayaran bla bla bla..notice dah dihantar banyak kali kan? bla bla bla..kalau cik tak bayar,next week cik kena pegi Mahkamah Majistret di Jalan Duta..bla bla bla..bayaran semua RM1500 untuk fee guaman tambah pula dengan charge tertunggak,breach contract..bla bla bla..”

what theeee???haihh..tengah baru semangat nak balik keje..tiba2 gedebuk berita buruk jatuh macam nangka busuk.i was like.. “heyyy..i paid the whole fee before upgrading to UNIFI..and as far as i’m concerned,i have cleared out the whole payment!” the man explained that i have breached the one year contract (Which was the streamyx WIFI upgrading to UNIFI before the streamyx contract ended!) FCUK seeriousslyy..masa aku upgrade, ko tak cakap pape kan?!! memang nak business babe!! you should advise me that i have not completed my contract,so i might reconsider of taking the UNIFI the year after the contract ended! NOPE,not even a word from the TELEKOM sales person.dem you! (hamek ko!) but who am i to argue,and i don’t have that much money to just to go to court and win over a case 😦 so the solution was for me to pay up the unsettled amount which was RM300 ++ and i am lease from the court charges! oh well,better than going to court and waste my time.haihh..there goes my bonuses 😦 but to think about it, i was thissss close to get sue and sent to court.tak sanggup saya!!i should sue TELEKOM instead!seriously,if they keep on doing this to people.i can tell that many people were sue for nothing.they should mention the customer’s current account,and what they should do or don’t.but well,it’s better for me to pay up whatever penalties instead of going to court right.BLACKLISTED? NO wayyyy..

but i hope this will be lesson to me.never to take that red notices for granted 😦 never!

4 thoughts on “kena saman.masuk court!

  1. aku pun ade contract 2 tahun so kene tunggu habis bru nk tuka unifi…ntah ape2kn..padahal same company and we're upgrading summore..lg bnyk kot byr unifi tu..pastu nk saman2…klu aku ade yg mengamuk kot kt tm..


  2. ecah : if orang court tu tak call,i memang sempat lagi nak mengamuk ke hape kan..but they only give me 2 days to make the payment.if not next week kena masuk court.kejam,right? 😦

    nad : yep,please be careful.we sometimes overlook our rights as a consumer.and they will always find a way to lepas pandang 😦


  3. I got trapped by TM as well . Damn Streamyx!. I got another new line so i told them to potong my line through phone, which i did not know it cannot be done, but the operator pandai2 said said OK, so I as customer blur blur oso OK lah. For me it's done and I thought the 2 months bill owing they will auto deduct from my Credit card becoz that's my usual payment mode. No news from them everything OK..then later I kept getting my Streamyx bill, even when the line got cut off many months ago. So i called up and another operator told me i have to personally go terminate it, I said why such hassle? When they all want us to upgrade only thru phone want to terminate must personally go..tak payah kerja ke i asked them?And I told them, the line already potong it is them that keep billing me for NO service provided. Then I argue and said, that their operator said OK when I ask them to potong, so anyway, I will pay them back the 2 months I owed them, of which I told them i thought they will auto deduct from my credit card since i pay using this, but they said no. OK I go to their HQ and talk to their manager as per their advised, but not, in. So i called next day and next day and next day and so forth to explain my case..but the manager was NEVER available. I was like WTF!! Manager tak payah kerje ke?
    Since then I always get their lawyers call, tell me I am to go to court blah, blah, blah. Well, I told them i am willing to pay for my accrued bill and I did personally go to settle it BUT i will not pay for your STUPID trap to EXTORT money from me…besides it's their TM side's person-in-charge refused to settle the issue always play AWOL. The legal rep and I argue back and forth for months, I slammed their phone, etc. I told them I'm willing to go to jail, bring it on!! I said “If you are going to throw someone into jail for few hundred ringgit and is provable in my case it is unethical business practice in ur part..go ahead. I wait for you to throw me into jail. But I also make sure all people know how stupid and desperate Streamyx is. See who die faster?”
    Well, guessed what…they did not bother me again.


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