so..someone’s popping? ;D

hellooo i have a looongg overdue post on my babe’s birthday a.k.a baby shower 😀 hehe..our darling azz is having her baby soon! hopefully right on time..

since we were all super duper busy we missed her birthday celebration due to super packed we had a nice birthday breakfast at The Loaf (oh my! the food is sooo scrumptious!!) little that she knew,we ordered a Diaper Cake for her jr. Amir 😉 i order from Shila Shower and she really did a great job! we all love her diaper cake.really sweet and simple! and cute of course!

at first we were planning to have our lunch at the Marmalade BVII.but later on there were event held there and we could not stay later than we changed to T for 42..but the place was not yet opened.wahlauuu..kesian azz.dengan perutnya itu..harus berjalan ke tiga tempat berlainan..hehe.. 😀

so the last place we decided was The Loaf! yeaayy!! because that was the best choice ever!the place we got was a bit secluded and we had the section all to ourselves 😉 well we were all wearing blue because azz’s baby a baby boy 🙂 yeayyyy!! soon fanfan will have a geng to play with 🙂 the food at The Loaf is supppperrr dupperr yummyyy!! we had this cranberry cheese! oh emm geee!! sangat sedappp!! and we also had this beautiful cake from Humble Beginnings 🙂 thanks nadz for the lovely cake.and so we all had a good time 🙂 and i hope so did Azz ♥ enjoy the picasas 😉 much love xx

ok.veryyyy lengthy and photos overload! hehehe..we hope you had fun azz ♥ coz we did! next partyyy..? 😉

p/s: all photos are from my Iphone4 🙂

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