i’m done shopping! *period*

hello..how’s your Tuesday? πŸ˜€ mine is hmmm..good.so far.good ke?hmmm..i’ll go for GOOD lah! hehe..just got back from Mango and it is madness!! i loveeee sunny summer!! spring/summer always brings the colorful inside me and outside my wallet.LOL.my wallet is FLAT.like super flat that i don’t think i need a wallet anymore! HAHAHAHA

i always have this month of June as a month of ‘shop all u like’..hehe..it’s my birthday month anyway!but u know what..i think i’m done.seriously.i have been shopping non stop.don’t worry..it doesn’t cost like the price of Gucci or Prada.buat apa membazir (hahahaha) but yeah,got myself a watch,perfume,clothes.and clothes.and clothes.perfume again.handbag.and i was about to spend another strecth of dollar for this beautiful clothes in MANGO again! haihhh…so temptinggg.. (ook hinting good friends to give me one of these boleh?hahahah)

this green is soooo santekssss!! haihhh..menggoda menggoda..fuh fuh fuh..bismillah…

love this tribal print shirt.dah pegang tiga kali dah harini.tapi cannooottt..tapi ssooo menggodakannn!! -___-“
saw this blue blouse at MANGO just now..and sikittt lagi nak grab and bayar.but sempat baca bismillah kan..hahahaha..

but this month i also treat myself with two amazing events.one is Jason Mraz Tour is a Four Letter Word tour with Falihan! β™₯ you know how much i love Jason Mraz B-) and insyaAllah i am going to Being Me conference with Ayuni and Nad. a special gift from Kak Yana (I LOVE YOU DEYYYY!! β™₯ β™₯) so i guess i spent enough for now πŸ™‚ i don’t think money can buy me enough things.seriously.i keep on wanting for more! hahahah *devil sungguh godaan-godaan ini* so inhaleeeee…exhaleeee..inhaleee..exhaleee…done shopping for now :B please,don’t ajak me to places like JPO,or Singapore or any shopping malls pleaseee..those places realllyyy freaks my flattened wallet out! πŸ˜› oh well,a girl gotta do what a girl gotta do ;P another 17 days to go! β™₯ β™₯ bismillah..

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