hey B.what’s The Plan?

hey peeps!

sorry to leave you with quite a disturbing post.haha! i was really affected by some people’s word sometimes.oh,i also discovered that my Cancerian traits are starting to surface.did i tell you i was a heartless person before? (heartless : bukan tidak berhati perut.tapi tak cepat kecik hati) but lately i just discover that i am easily offended with some negative people’s attitude.so to shoosh away all these negative vibes.i decided to be around positive people! ♥ my darling lovelies! (^__^)

we had a small get together for Shoe’s belated birthday at Plan B, Publika. this was my first time eating out there.all these while i just come and say hi to people and then, leave.haha! did not know that the food was yummeh! i had the Egg’s Benedict, which cost around RM14.and it tasted oh so yummeh! and i had my favourite Honey Lemon (RM8).

Egg’s Benedict.

farah and id had the Big Platter (RM26) and extra Smoked Salmon (RM12?i think) and Shoe had the same Big Platter.sedapppp!! each platter came with a glass of orange juice and a choice of your own eggs (scramble/poached/boiled/half boiled/or sunny side up) and also coffee/tea.

the Big Platter.omnomnom

derang ni adik-beradik.percaya tak?
all my ladies ♥
can u  see the chairs up my head? wicked right?
and these old typewriters are just coolio!
and stacks of book to the Page 2 (upper level)

and we bought a cute Pink Ombre LOLA for shoe! ♥ she was thrilled she even told her friend who she bumped into on her way back to the car.haha! we had a good time catching up.tell stories.destressing.had a great laugh.we should do this again! perhaps with Azz and Via next time 🙂

birthday girl ♥

p/s : and that’s my new top from The Pop Look. it’s my first time to purchase from them.and i love it! my mom love it too! 😉

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