words can be sharper than knives

i’m not a writer. i’m not even good in my essay during high school ( i recall having lela to remind me by Miss Shal to put full stop in my essay cause I tend to make a sentence without putting a stop.haha! talking about chitty chatty girl ;P ) ^^ may Allah bless Miss Shal and husband..and protect them from harm and may Allah ease their hardship while in custody.^^ may Allah protect her children too ^^

anyways, I watched a good movie last night with mister. We watched “The Words” and it was on 8tv. It was a story about a writer writing about a writer who writes about another writer’s writing. HAAAA… faham tak? ^^ hehe..well the story started off with a writer giving a speech on his recent book. The Words. And inside his book was a story about a writer, who was very ambitious but was not lucky with his writings. His book was not published because it was not good enough. He could not get his book to be published, but he managed to get a job in a publishing company. He keeps on writing but nothing came through. He was close to giving up when he decided to marry his long term girlfriend and went to Paris for honeymoon. In Paris, they went to small streets and came upon an antique shop where he found a briefcase with unpublished writings. He started to read the writings and he decided to rewrite it.So he went back to America and he started to retype the whole writings and he asked for his boss (where he work at in a publishing company), and asked him a favour to read up his ‘typing’. His boss finally read the writings and agreed to help him to publish the book. His book “The Window Tears” became a hit and he even won an award for his book. Until one day, an old man came up to him and asked him about his book. And he was baffled when he found out that the old man was the owner of the writings he found in the briefcase while he was in Paris. Ahaa.. the rest..u should watch the movie! It was quite a catch. I was glued in front of the TV for the whole two hours! 😉

^^ when he found the briefcase in Paris^^

^^ he felt guilty when the book was published and confront the old man to forgive him^^
Photos courtesy of Smilingsally.blogspot.com

if you’re in a mood to watch. Do find the CD at Speedy or maybe you can read the book! have fun reading (& watching) 😉  ^^ Specially dedicating this movie to Nadiah (Purplelurve) because I know you like good movie ^^