Does your skin aged?

Hello! Boy my hormones are killing meeee!! Lately, I just discover that Missy pimples had been bloooomingg happily at my poor skin! I think age is one of the factor why my skin does not tolerate with my skin care anymore. *cries a river*
I used to have skin problem when I was a teenager ( yup, I was Betty La Fea. With braces and pimples almost everywhere!) haha that was definitely ‘zaman keremajaan’ and right after my age hit puberty. But then I had my first chicken pox when I was 15 years old and that’s when my skin starts to clear out because I accidentally discover Vitaman E and spread it all over my face to get rid of the chicken pox’s scar.And wallah! my skin was cleared out since then.. :”)

But skin starts to act up! Sheeshhh!! I was never worried about what skincare and what type of powder to put on my face until lately..everything doesn’t work. Olay doesn’t work, Nutox doesn’t work. Aishhh stress wehhh!! So I tried this new product. Haaa..this one captured my attention because it is different. It is formulated without the use of any talc, oil, synthetics,artifial pigments,preservatives and fragrances. Made of 100 % earth minerals. Safe to be worn during sleep, pure, halal and safe formula. And most of all, High UV protection. I like! So I had been using it for a week now..entering the second week. If everything goes well, Imma stick to this product. In Shaa Allah.. what brand am I talking about? It starts with R.o ….. =)  Will reveal soon ♥ 

New Year New Vibe :)

Hello! Second week of 2015! Can u believe it? Time flew and here we are.. 😉

So anyway, on the last day of 2014, on the 31st of December, well every year, we celebrated my father’s birthday. Papa is special cos everyone is celebrating his birthday on New Year’s on the new years’s eve..we had a small bbq night with the family. It was crazy ..and fun at the same time. It’s crazy because it has been raining the whole week and we almost cancelled the bbq. But Alhamdulillah, the rain stopped that night and we started the fire to cooookkk sommee chiiccckkeeennn!!

It was hubs’ first time to do BBQ so he was the one setting up the fire and cook the chicken..but turned out once the fire was up, the fire went wildddd!! And the whole chicken were BURNT! haha aduhhh sayangg..sayang..almost half the chicken we charcoaled black.. hahaha but after a while he get used to it so wallah!! we got grilled chicken, squids and shrimps! yumss yumsss!! (tak sempat ambil gambar..busy sangat!) and we had a small birthday celebration for Papa & Abg Amin. And early birthday celebration for my lil brother and my husband ♥

Papa is having the greatest time of his life. Eatinggg!! hehe oh and that’s my sister ♥ hi kakak! *waves*
birthday celebration for Papa & Abg Amin ♥
early birthday celebration for Ayah Su & Ayah Cit (that’s my hubby’s nickname)

We  had a sleepover at my mom’s and headed to PD the next day for a family vacay 🙂 We had a short stay at Avillion Admiral Cove. (Previously stayed at Grand Lexis, boy it was the best place ever!! but this time we’re bringing extended families)

view from our room

daddy-o and mummy-o fooling around. Love of my life. My heartbeat  ♥

superman wants to swim!

photos are all taken with Iphone5s so not that clear enough.Plus the sun was shining bright so the pictures were all glaring 😛 hehe..maybe I am the one who is not good at taking photos.. =P we had a great time at PD. we ate a LOOOOTTTTTT of seafood and although it was a short stay. We surely had a quality time together. Alhamdulillah..what a great start for 2015. How about you? How was your 2015 welcomed u? ♥ 

Welcome 2015 ♥

Alhamdulillah..I hope it’s never to late to wish all of you Happy 2015. Let 2014 be in the past and lets us embrace the new year and the adventures that awaits us.

Just a short recap on 2014, Abah had been away for a month now..and not any minute that we did not think of him. But Allah wants us to move on..Death reminds us to live strong so you can pull yourself together and push forward for what you want to achieve in your life. The life here is just a stepping stone for you to achieve in the Hereafter. Wallahualam.

2014 has also ended with devastated news on huge flood in the East Coast. Astaghfirullah..I do believe that it’s a sign that we are hurting the earth..don’t you think? The world could not contain all these pollution, developments etc and the climate changed drastically, hence the unpredictable heavy rains. Wallahualam..bersangka baik kepada Allah. I do believe it’s a reminder from Him and we must not assume this is just another unfortunate events.. But on another note, Alhamdulillah my relatives were not effected by the flood. Their house are at the different part of Kelantan. We were quite worry that they will need to move out or find a new place to live but Alhamdulillah..everything is fine in Bachok.

As for now,lets us be positive. Move on. Turn over a new leaf. Push forward. And let us face the new year with good positive vibes. In Shaa Allah as long as we are taking the right path..we will not astray..

So, how was your 2015? Mine was an awesome start that we had a short family vacay and bbq nite! Will update on that soon! ♥  Take care peeps! Much love xx