been busy how about you?

Heydie! HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!! how was your loooong weeekend peeps?! Mine was just lazing around with family =) Gone back to TTDI and hang out with family. Ahhh…bliss. But Mister had to work. So kinda Boohoo weekend! I can’t stop looking at the clock to strikes 10pm everyday!!

Anyways! huuuu..sometimes i feel like crying not having the time to sit and write..there’s sooo many stories to tell and sooo many things happened for the past few months but since I have been swarmed with works. I guess I just hafta give in. *cries* but I am surely looking forward for March as I will be away from office! Yeayyy!! To the east coast we go! (but of course, for work still) haihh..BUT at least I could eat nasi dagang, nasi kerabu, keropok lekor overload, sata, ABC, Air Cawan Besar, Batik!! my my!! I hope it’s gonna be a fun trip for me before having another holiday with family this June! 
Oh! Have you watched Kingsman! The best wehhh!! I totally enjoyed the movie! Since Mister had been working like forever~~~ so finally we get to watch the movie! ( The last movie we watched was Jupiter Ascending. Which we left the movie clueless. Until now! Bahaha~) 
And I shall say this : MUST WATCH MOVIE weh!!!
go watch ok! It’s both awesome and funny!! Oh and I can’t wait for The Immitation Game to come out soon! I ♥ Benedict!! Yumss~! ;P wokeyh quick update! much love xx

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