Lazy bum

Look what I’ve been doing for the past few nights before going to bed..


yep..that word up there..was unfinished.. since Monday night! Haha..can u see how lazy I was?? Everyday every night, before going to bed..I had been super lazy bum and click on the Youtube on my Ipad to watch Ellen Degeneres all the way after Isya’ ( Of course I did all these after my prayers πŸ˜› ) until I end up sleeping with Ipad on my lap and husband’s already fast asleep beside me. sigh. life. Sometimes it rolls like roller coaster..sometimes it just crawl like sloth. But gladly, today is Friday!! So I can sleep in late and watch loads of movies!! Yeayy!! ( yeahh..right!! Last night I was watching Night At the Museum 2 for only 20 minutes and I was fast asleep on the coach..such an old lady I am)

But can you believe it?? It’s already March!! Masha Allah =) What have I done for the past three months? TOOO MANY TOO MENTION that sometimes I was not aware what day is it. cray cray.cry cry..but anyways, I LOVEEEE ELLEN DEGENERES!!

Don’t you?? How can you not?? I just can’t get enough of her show!! If you are in the saddest mood or feeling low…watch her. She’ll crack you up! Trust me. So yeah..gotta go now. Wanna watch Ellen now! Weren’t you listening? πŸ˜›


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