new look :)

helloooo…how does my new blog look now? fresher? 🙂 I don’t know what i did with my blogspot, suddenly it went poof! everything went back to square one like I was bloggin while I was in Japan with that ugly look on my blog! ugh! so I guess might as well I just import all the post to here!

Welcome to my wordpress! I hope it will be much better than blogspot and I will update more. haha 😛 i think i started blogging back in 2003! how long was that?? so i guess it’s about time for me to change the ‘look and feel’ to much simpler ones huh 🙂 ok gotta run! will update on Hari Raya celebration soon! xx

Salam Aidilfitri ♥

Salam Aidilfitri from Acit & Erin. Alhamdulillah, this year is our second year celebrating Syawal together.  Hoping for more Syawals together and In Shaa Allah with bigger family. Ameen. We would also like to seek for forgiveness if we have any wrongdoings or being misinterpreted by our words. May Allah bless all of you and may all of you have a bless Syawal. Maaf Zahir Batin ♥

what I have been busy with?

hey girls!

i had been super hectic juggling two works at the moment :”> why I said two? Well..that’s because…

currently i am helping a friend at Festival Ramadhan Putrajaya!

yes! I join the awesome bazaar at Festival Ramadhan Putrajaya! tired? tell me about it! I am beated like eggs!! First day was a bit slow but when we have small poster posted up and some awesome collections by Naelofarhijab (^__^) we are happy cows! and yes, the crowd can be super madness!! and at time a little bit uncontrollable *cries*cries*

now i totally understand how it was hard to earn your own money from selling things! people can be in so many shapes and kinds! haha when i said shape, they are beyond expectation.  the crowd are super awesome on weekends which I did not even have time to take the photos of the crowd. and Alhamdulillah, they said, rezeki Ramadhan.. more people came to our booth and stopped by to shop! and most of the collections are out in less than a week! and we need to restock for coming Raya! Alhamdulillah..alhamdulillah..

but behind all of these fun and all, we surely feel tired. Most of the time, we got home at 12am or 1am. On weekends, we work like ants! We even close the shop at 3AM! yes, we are having sleeping deprive right now -____- “

but for me, it’s a great experience. Do come and say hi! We sell Port Meirion, Corelle, Tefal, Jubah from Dubai and also special appearance of  =”>  Naelofarhijab ♥  Do come by ok, we will be at Booth 14A & 14B from 2nd July until 12th July !! See you there!! much love xx