twenty four (months!)

howdie! oh my!! You know, when you started blog for 12 years now, you will become lost in interest. haha! that’s my excuse for not blogging recently. my last post was on Hari Raya. sorry, but I guess as I get too busy with work, blogging become the side thing I do now. But actually, I LOVE BLOGGING. (although I know that I don’t have that ‘much’ followers) I like to tell things that I do, places I go, and parties I go.

It’s something I would remember and rejoice when I look back and smile 🙂 And alhamdulillah, recently Acit & I just celebrated our second anniversary. (Alhamdulillah, syukur) it’s not an easy journey but it’s not that hard either. Two years would be more like honeymoon (still!) but working on the babies! haha (just to shush you busybody out there!) but we are not complaining. We believe that Allah knows what is best for us at this moment. Like this very moment. We have not literally settled down. Although we have moved once. (First from our small apartment into a double storey house) We are going to move out again to our new little nest next year. So we are just being in the state of not buying anything to add on whatever that is filling up our current little crib. However, we are blessed, with all the little things that we have =) Sometimes we did not plan everything or even anything. Things just come when Allah planned. Yes at times you will be upset when things do not go your way. You will feel upset, angry and at times you wanna push everything aside. But, I believe that everything will go just fine as long as we bare with it. Trust me, when my friends said Patience and Trust are the most important things in marriage life. They are! Being patience really really make every women’s brain work (without pulling their hair off!)

So, I know someday I will look back and say. Hey, we made it through. And just to remind you, when you said, ‘Till Jannah’’s not easier  than said 😉 so may all of you who’s been trying to have family or even to get a spouse! be patience, Allah is the best planner and He knows what is the best for you. Always the best for you 😉 In Shaa Allah..


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