Popping pimples.party pooper

Lately I had been having these weird hormones and ‘volcano eruptions’ on my face. Ughhh!! It’s been like what? 16 years since my last pimples decided to shrink! But until recentlyyyyy I have been having 3 to 4 popping out! (People told me not to count cause it will spread more. Rumours..pfftt.. But is it true?) haha

So I just could not get the right product at the drug store to shrink these party poopers! scouting J&J, tea tree here, ointment there. So finally, I think I’m gonna go with the Korean. I’ve heard good things about their skin care and you can see their living proof on tv (beside the plastic surgies.no offends) hehe

So behold…I have only tried it on today. I hope it work magic! And do you know? They even have the Spot Clear Intensive Patch which work as thin layer of something like pimples patch where you can stick it on your effected ‘volcano’ area, and you can just layer it up with your makeup or any products! Yup just like that! It helps to protect your pimples from getting effected by the cosmetics that you put on your face! Awesome right??

Will update you on the end results ok. Gimme 3-5 days. That little Anti Trouble Spot cost me half my tank money. Pfftt!! You better work, or I will banned your shop! (Ok too aggressive! Haha I kid..i kid)

Ok!Let me get back to my korean language..still trying to figure out what was written at the back of the box. Yikes!


Now on mobile? Whhhatt

Yeayy you know what?? I didn’t know that WP had on ios! Hahaha! Which part of me is IT techy person again? (I wonder…lol)

Super glad that I can now post on my Iphone. Yeay!! And it is wayyy much easier for me now. (No reason to delay my posts now..heee)

It’s Friyay!! What are you up to? I am sitting on the floor (literally) and my boo is on the other end of the room on his lazy couch..watching Juara Parodi 😀 haha it is seriously hillarious and catchy show! You should watch!

Since I got my new ‘ikan laga’ so yeah,blogging from it for now. Hehe 😉 Have a nice weekend! ❤


long overdue post – I am still here ;)

oh my! i think I had been forever online..but offline minded. You see, most of the time my work is checking bugs on system, doing analysis, doing MOMs, and well who else is not working non stop 8-10 hours on the laptop or pc. Being online most of the time but busy settling unsettled things.

see? even my words are even complicated than my mind.LOL. but oh well, alhamdulillah. I am thankful and bless for this health, energy and kudrah to at least being able to wake up everyday (well more like dragging myself to work) and get myself to work, do things i like, eat food i love..and still breathing.

work SubhanAllah had been undescribably hectic, out of hands and everyday I will be like reaching home, tired and sleepy 😦 But what is life without a purpose,right? besides the ultimate purpose is to be tested by Allah. everyday is a struggle to everyone. be it in a hard way, not so hard or even better NOT being tested at all! well some people thought that when other people are having the time of their life, living in the most luxurious home, driving the dream car or having the dream job are actually lucky? Well my friend, they are actually being tested too! They are being tested by Allah to see whether when they are in ease, do they remember to praise to Allah and being thankful? 🙂

So, let us be thankful for whatever we have, kan? I have so many dreams which I have yet to reach, but as for where I am now. Alhamdulillah I am thankful, for things I have yet to reach, In Shaa Allah, I will work hard for it. I have sooo many overdue posts! Will post soon for more ok! Have a nice weekend! ♥