Two years later..

Photo credits from Bag Snob


Hi Everybody. If there’s anyone reading it anyway. .

It’s been a while since I last wrote. I had been writing blog since I was 18 years old so by the time I’m 35 (yes, proud to be 35 years old!haha) I was not in the momentum of writing anymore. To those who still writes, good job peeps! I am your silent reader 🙂

Anyway, the last time I wrote was in January 2017. Wow! It’s been two and half years now. And suddenly I feel like it’s time for me to write my journey, for my own keepsake.

So fast forwards 2019, we are still TTC. Alhamdulillah.. Still not giving up 🙂 Well, since our last meeting with the doctor was in 2017. Last year was really a roller coaster ride for us. I mean work had been super hectic and I got promoted. Alhamdulillah. I am now working at a new Agency, and well, the higher position you get, the more workload you need to face and handle. That’s all pretty normal to all of us. So 2018 was not really the year for us to like ‘thrust’ or ‘thrive’. Maybe Allah has better plans for us, right?

So in June 2018 I has started working in the new workplace and the workload was like flowing in soooo fast! It was both exciting and tiring for me because I need to double my work to catch up with the new environment, new business model, and new system. Being in a new place really put me into a fast pace and full throttle mode. In four months I was supposed to cover for two units (for temporary) !  Maybe I was thinking too much and the mind was like working all the time so I feel like sometime I was sleepwalking (half awake and half sleeping).  So, on this one unfortunate morning in October, I was waking up from my sleeping in the middle of the night and my mind just trailed off to the thought of the lights was not switched off in my living room. Automatically I woke up, stood up, and slowly walked down the stairs towards the living room (in dazed). Don’t ask me why. I was confused with my own action too. So in that dazed, as I was going down the stairs, I slipped and skipped two stairs and BROKE my right foot!

So yup, for the first time in my life, I broke my foot! Not during my running, not during netball nor handball but from falling off the stairs. Masha Allah.. Maybe Allah knows that I needed the rest like a PAUSE button for a moment, from work. so I end up having Medical leaves for TWO MONTHS. During that two months, I was home bound and yes, no little Rash.Er on the way yet.. so come 2019……

to be continued…


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