The beauty of Winter

My dear friend shared me this beautiful photo of Peonies. I didn’t know they have it in White.. Ahhh I am suckers for white! 😍😍😍

Isn’t it pweeeetttyyyy 😍

I pray that she’ll get her doctorate in Netherlands. She has been there for 5 years now. I believe she will be an awesome Dr Karimah soon! Bon chance Kaem! I miss you! Come home quick ok!


jalan-jalan kota Delft : a brief introduction

helo.i am still stuck with and holland.we had a mutual feelings.haha! so on the last day in Holland.i went to spend some quality time with Delft (besides the dog pooped ok.LOL)

after and dad went straight to bed.kaem and i let them rest for awhile.and we went for some bike rides around Delft. one thing about Delft, that i know of is that the bicycles are much more important than the cars. People got sued for hitting or knocking into someone else’s bike! our first impression was, the cyclist should be fined for riding the bike tooo fast!haha! i’m telling you,when we first arrived in Delft. we were honked or should u call it ringed (bicycle ring) by the funny and boyyyy..they rode it like a motorbike! B-) hehehe..

so my first experience of riding the folded bike is bad.i think i hurt my loins!hahah (if i have loins) but i love kaem’s’s BIG and yet,comfortable and ‘reachable’ by me,ok! ;P so,let me take you around Delft.enjoy!

that’s the inside of kaem’s building and that’s us,outside the main cool is that? with that wooden pushing door.i am stoked! 🙂 and a wee bit feel of creepy.haha!and hello! knock knock! who’s there!

we went some groceries shopping for beriyani rice that nite.and boy, we were looking for corriander but in dutch!haiyooo..very funnyyy!!luckily,we found it!thanks to me! B-) hehehe.and we walk some more near the canals.and beautiful building and churches 🙂 i love architectures 🙂 it made me feel wise.HAHA!and so we walk some more..and see how beautiful this little town called Delft 🙂

and last but not least.we had an amazing nasi beriyani! Delft style 😀 heee..the chicken is awesomeee!!

nomnomnomnom and everything goes just right.perhaps we were realllyy hungry at that there you go! 😉 my final day in Delft, Holland. and next! Paris oh la la! ♥ je taime 🙂 much love xx