turning to another series of life

Alhamdulillah..it’s the third week of Ramadhan and what did I missed? I think I will start to miss Ramadhan again in no time πŸ˜₯ Alhamdulillah this year, the first day of Ramadhan fell on the very same date with my birthday! πŸ™‚

And this year, I finally turned into another series of life. the 3 series! πŸ˜› I don’t feel any differences when it comes to age. haha (living in denial) but i do feel a wee bit out of energy. sometimes. metabolism rates declining.and sleeping as early as 10:30! bullocks! i can no longer hold my eyes wide awake until clock strikes 12.I think it would be miracle if I’m still up at 12am..hahaha i am getting old huh? πŸ˜›

so last June, we had a small makan-makan with the usual suspects at Citrus BVII. Azz and Nadz celebrated both Via and mine’s birthday. Alhamdulillah we are blessed with these two beautiful moms πŸ™‚ i got chocolates from Via and cute lil dinner purse by Azz β™₯ thank you ladies!!

i truly appreciate all these cute gestures the girls always give me. They are always there whenever I need them and I am truly blessed to celebrate this beautiful age with them. Alhamdulillah..and after meeting the girl.it’s Mister’s turn to treat me! yeayy!! since my birthday is on the First of Ramadhan so mister promised to treat me a small celebration at my favourite cupcake shop, + Wondermilk!

Had my all time favourite butterscotch milk and California Chicken Sandwich! Omnomnomnom..and of course some cupcakes for the birthday girl β™₯ the usual Foxy Red, Kiss Chesse, Flourless Chocolate and salted caramel luvluv!

after a quick bite and courting session (haha! we are still newly weds ok!) we headed straight to One Utama for Transformers : Age of Extinction with my siblings and nephews! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

we definitely had a great time that day.and I truly blessed with all the love they gave me.and the next day, first day of Ramadhan, daddy bought few slices from Secret Recipe to celebrate my 30th birthday. *bless* Syukur..syukur… Thank you all for the warm wishes and In Shaa Allah may Allah bless all of your kindness too β™₯ much love *thirtyandstillsexy* ^ ^ xoxo

short holiday β™₯

last Labour Day, mister and I went back to my mom’s hometown. We planned to visit our step granny who was in ICU due to an accident. However, we were shocked with another news of our beloved Grand Dad who passed on of old age. I was not really close with my grand dad because he was divorced with my current granny. But I do remember running around his ‘rumah kedai’ and he was really a good man.

We were supposed to drive back with my parents. But my parents went back to Kelantan a day earlier than us by plane..so mister and I drove to Kelantan on our own! It was our first time.haha! so we planned to use Waze. But sorry, if it’s a long distance, I won’t put my trust on Waze. I would not risk of getting lost in Β nowhere πŸ˜› so we used Google Maps instead. Alhamdulillah, we safely arrived and we survived 7 hours of only twice of stops.booyah!

And Alhamdulillah, our lovely Tok Ayoh Tok Cupu is now resting. he will be missed as he had always put soo much love on our family and every year we did not miss to visit him..but this year and we did not get the chance to meet him 😦 Β (we did not make it to the funeral) Β i truly miss him..but Allah loves him more. may Allah bless Tok Ayoh’s soul and may he be among the mukmin.. (al-Fatihah)

and this time, we went back to Kelantan for 5 days! alhamdulillah, we get the chance to bring mister to almost every good food place πŸ˜‰ boy, Ayam Percik Yati is always the bomb,man! we had the nasi kerabu during this one lunch time when we were really really starving! but it was worth the wait! the awesomest!

can you see the richness of Kelantan in this! πŸ˜‰

and we had some usual Batik shopping ( i have sucker for Batik and I don’t know why :”) ) we stayed 3 days in Kelantan and head to the island on the fourth! yeayyy!! my short vacay is finally coming true! SubhanAllah, i always love Perhentian β™₯ it never fail to amaze me. This time we stayed at the Perhentian Island Resort. it has this gorgeous private beach and we even saw STING RAY! like inside the clear water by the shore. (it scared us away that we did not get the chance to take any photos of it)

how can you not love this view β™₯
gorgeous right! SubhanAllah β™₯

those above photos were taken with my late Iphone5s ^^ yes.my phone is now under construction^^

it was really gorgeous!! we arrived around 12pm and checked in before going for our snorkelling at 2! πŸ™‚

heading to the snorkel point
the common ikan belang πŸ™‚

we saw the mother turtle.sooo bigggg!!

you can see papa swimming at the back haha! he was searching for fish!

we had a great time although it was a super short stay. but at least we get to swwwwwiiimmm in the beautiful ocean. Alhamdulillah for the rizq. πŸ™‚ Β it was our Β ^me and mister^ first time to go on an island trip :”) and by the way, the three photos posted earlier on the top of the post were taken by my dear iphone 5s before it went Β accidently got wet. ^sobsob^ and it could not be switched on due to ‘reput’ inside caused by salt water. (well there’s another story to it. actually I already bought a very good underwater case.but I totally forgot that Iphone works with ‘touch’ and ‘heat’ sensor. so when i put my iphone inside the casing, i could not touch or swipe my phone to take photos.so i decided to swap my phone with mister’s phone to be put inside that particular underwater case! so yeah, who was the smart girl who forgot that her phone is exposed to danger a.k.a saltwater. pfftt!! padan muka i! boohooo!)

so i am now iphone-less. ^masha Allah^ but don’t worry. it is now in a safe hands..i found a place in Center Point, IPhoneFix, and I’ve read few good reviews about them. So i will let u know the service and perhaps I could recommend you if my baby is back to normal ok.That will be another story coming soon.
How was your labour day a.k.a long weekend? I hope it went well. And now I am back at mom’s for another long weekend. Nope, not gonna work on the 12th so I will continue until Wesak! woohooo!! happy mother’s day MOTHERS! you guys are awesome! high five! xx

my lucky ‘cloves’

^^ all photos were taken using Iphone 5 & Iphone 5s ^^

last weekend, we had the usual breakfast gang meet up. ahhh how I miss everyone! it’s good to see Farah’s getting back her appetite after almost a month feeling unwell. and yes! we are having another two new members for the Breakfast Gang sooon!! yeayy!! alhamdulillah πŸ™‚ Β I am happy for both nadz and azz β™₯ we had our breakfast at the usual D’Cengkih in TTDI. ahh i miss the nasi dagang. and boy it still taste the same ;P we had sucha great time with our little buddies around too! aysar and irfan made a good pair πŸ˜‰ Β maybe next time little hamzah could join us too, Azz B-) by the end of year, we will be having two more toddlers joining! yeay!! and oh! we were all thrilled to know that our dear V is E*******!! yeayyy!! we surely can’t wait!! β™₯ β™₯

mommy shoe and rockstar baby Aysar β™₯
the always glowing mommy A β™₯
see that glow. haishh..shy shy plak abang Irfan β™₯
that will be me πŸ™‚ hello!
irfan practice being brother πŸ˜€
me and amoi β™₯ hehe
ok semua dah mommies.yang paling kiri bila? eh? ^ ^

haa?? what mama?? XD
all of us for the day β™₯ luvluv ma girls

awe isn’t that adorable β™₯ schweet couple as always x

ahhh..it’s so fun to hang out with them. always putting u in a good mood for the rest of the day β™₯ my lucky
‘cloves’ (sebab makan kat cengkih kan.hehe) much love xx

Sydney Day 4 : Part II : Madame Tussauds and Darling Harbour

on the fourth day in Sydney we totally filled up our day with 3 different places to go! our flight was at 11pm that day, so we decided to make full use of our final day in Sydney. So after going to the Featherdale Wildlife Park, we headed towards the Darling Harbour to meet the celebrities! πŸ˜‰ I’m not sure if the big ships which looked like a battleship or navy ships are always docked here but we saw these big ships near the harbour. Maybe it’s from the National Maritime Museum. but they sure look so big and scary! πŸ˜›

we arrived at the Darling Harbour jetty. and we need to walk a looong way to the Madame Tussauds. Well since the wind were blowing really hard at that time, our walk seems like forever! πŸ˜› but we managed to reach M.T and greeted by handsome Johnny Depp! B-) auwww!!
you can see how hard the wind blow..u can see depp’s hair flying!haha
macho abes! πŸ˜› seriously they looked like real to me! i even touched his face.haha
that’s my girl Riri β™₯
that’s lady gaga and lady gagap on the right.hahaha
that’s oprah when she was thinner i guess.but my dream came true. i talked my heart out! ;P *drama*
E & E = Erin & Einstein ? πŸ˜›
aku dah pesan Erin, belajar rajin2. tapi tengok..apa dah jadi? πŸ˜›
so pretty kylie minogue πŸ™‚
well these are the photos from my iphone.well as usual, the battery when kaput after a whole day of going around Sydney.but we did bring along our lumix along so the photos are all inside that camera (oh i took some photos with Leo Pio, Bruce Willis, Brad Pitt doesn’t look like him at all,pfft! and many more.and seriously I think they really really look live like!) I touched some of their faces..and it really freaked me out!! haha good job peeps!
after going to the Madame Tussauds, we rushed to Sealife, but it was kinda boring for me cause it’s just the same as Aquaria, except they don’t have Piranha.take that! but we don’t have Dugong/Manatee, and they surely a HUGEEE one!! we did get the chance to watch the Manatee from the top of the aquarium and it did make me go ‘WOAHHH that’s a big sea cow!!’ πŸ˜› we did not take many pictures here because I’m still having my nature calls..bummer so I did take a mental picture of each and every creature there πŸ™‚ so we headed back to Circular Quay before heading back to Central.
our favourite stop : St James (they have Pandora shop here.haha)
this University is just 2 minutes walk from our hotel.maybe I should enrol here πŸ˜‰
my dream uni perhaps πŸ™‚

as the sun was setting down..it’s time for us to head back to Malaysia. Our flight was at 11.25pm that night. so we headed early in case the queue gets crazy at the airport. And so..that was the story of my Sydney Trip. I surely had a great time there. Despite having the ‘time of the month’, I did have trouble taking a long walk around the town but I managed to pull it through (thank you Allah) and I hope my parents had a great time there. And it’s kinda sad knowing that it might be my last trip with them, just the four of us (Pa,Ma,Ash and I) but I do hope we could go for a short trip in Malaysia with the new family members around (encik suami & mummy Rina) . All in all, Australia was a nice place to go for holiday. I do hope to visit Perth or Gold Coast (#laterwish) But for me, the trip to Sydney was quite affordable. Despite buying last minute tickets, we managed to score for a flight ticket (AAX) with a family room for 5D3N with only RM1800 each person. Alhamdulillah..as for me, I am looking forward for our trip next year. Mister and I are gonna be away next week. Hope all of u had a great holidays and have a happy new year! what’s your new year’s resolution? Lets share! I will update on mine soon ok! much love xx

tips : use AirAsiaGo if you want to get a great deal both flights and accommodation included. I think it’s quite reasonable price! or you can try and use airbnb.com ok! have fun planning your holidays! xx

Sydney Day 4 : Part I : Featherdale Wildlife Park

Our final day in Sydney was definitely well spent. And boy it was pretty hard for me as I was having ‘lady’s day’ and I have to contain the agony and pain in order to bring my family around the town πŸ™‚ we woke up early and took the train to the Central. since the Featherdale Wildlife Park is further from our place, we decided to take the first route to Blacktown. Once in Blacktown, we took a bus and stopped right in front of the Featherdale Park. I’m sooo excited because it’s my first time to see the cute kangaroo and wallabies and koalas and.. ahhh!! everything!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

that wombat.dahlah gemuk duduk je situ.gerammm!!

this bird looks like WOOD!! like kayu right??
the only picture of us with koala πŸ™‚ the rest of our photos are in his camera πŸ˜‰
mrs kangaroo sunbathing B-)

cute little creatures!! gerammm!!

can u see that koala’s claws! scarrryy

one thing for sure. they smells! πŸ˜›

that’s a wombat inside the small cave.sleeping terkangkang!

well my friend, this is the Tasmanian devil! and they are really active creature.the only picture of not moving Tasmanian.

wallabies berehat-rehat.beronok-ronok..

i think it’s a type of stork.but it has blue head.scaryyy

yang ni pun wallaby. tengah tido ke tengah merajuk,tak sure πŸ˜›

weird blue chicken.

fluffy chicken kecik and gemuk!

sheeppp!! baaaahhhh

that’s a calf and sheep! besties,kut! πŸ˜›

pretty duck with a head like beckham hair πŸ˜› (kojack)

that’s the blue chicken. takleh duduk diam. kehulu kehilir macam cari apa je..

proud eagle showing of his wings


that’s a peacock.but when i was taking this photo she decide not to open up her wings.pffft!!

tengok tu.. buat deekkkk jeee

buaya besar gila bapok tengah berendam B-)

after going to the Featherdale. we took a bus back to the city and of to Darling Harbour for famous tourist spot for sight seeing –> Madame Tussauds!! *cliche i know* πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

to be continued

Sydney Day 3 : Part I : Skywalk at the Sydney Eye Tower and Birkinhead Point Outlet

on our second day in Sydney we had planned to climb up the Sydney Eye Tower.Well we did not literally climbed up.but we had reserved a session to experience the Skywalk at the Sydney Tower Eye. For those who wanted to travel to Sydney, you could save up to $84 if you plan to visit these 5 attractions. We bought the Ultimate Sydney Pass which includes 5 attractions like the Sydney Tower Eye, Skywalk, Sydney Sealife, Sydney Wildlife and Madame Tussauds! You just buy the Ultimate Sydney Pass at the Sydney Tower website here!

I really do think it’s a good deal because you can use all these passes at any given days. (u can use it up to 30 days! so can stay in Sydney longer! πŸ˜‰ ) Β It’s just that when you purchase these tickets at the Sydney Tower website, you have to pick up all these tickets at the Sydney Tower. If you bought it at the Madame Tussauds, you have to pick up the rest of the tickets at the Madame Tussauds too! πŸ™‚ nice right?

So we woke up early and had our breakfast new the Picadally Building. Well, being in Australia and not knowing where to have breakfast early in the morning, we just pray that we are eating right (halal food is not within our reach at that time) so we had the baked beans with some omelette and super nice Segafredo hot chocolate πŸ™‚

our Skywalk was at 10:30 am so we had our breakfast and started of with The Sydney Eye Tower tour. The view from the top is stupendous! we could see the harbour and the boats and the marina bay.exciting!! and thanks to my iphone 5 for doing an amazing job in taking all the photos.my GF5 was with mister at that time (and he was with another tour group by the way) so my photos are all using my dear IPhone5. fewh!

u can see from the top of the tower all the way down!can you believe it?! nice right!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

and then after touring around the tower,it’s time for Skywalk! weehooo!! it’s quite nerve wrecking when we have to go all the way to the top and we could not bring our own camera by the way. So these photos are from their camera which is kept in a box secured with safety rope ok! haha and all of us were suited up in a full body suit and equipped with harness and boy, we surely went gaga! cause the wind was pretty strong up there! πŸ˜› and it’s coooolllddd!! brrrrrrr

so after the thrilling experience (haha my dad and I are afraid of heights!:P) we went down and straight to Birkinhead Point Outlet!well, according to the map (yes I read maps.haha but i kinda suck at the distance range) well I thought we could arrive there by foot (HAHA!) but when I asked around they told me that I could reach there by foot but it will take us 30 minutes.sorry,no thanks! mom’s not fit enough to walk that far,so we decided to take the cab instead ;P so lesson learnt : please bring enough cash just in case u were too tired to walk around the city and not knowing the exact distance is not reachable by foot ok! πŸ˜› we went back to the train station to get to Circular Quay. note that Circular Quay is the station to exchange from train to ferries, buses and other trains.

this is our favourite stop cause my mom and my brother loves to shop here πŸ˜›

so we took another ferry ride from Circular Quay to Darling Harbor (yes, we LOVEEE ferry rides! haha) we saw this grumpy seagull begging for food but making a straight face.pfftt!! garang!

and here we go!! on the ferry we hopped! i love the scenery from our ferry! (we made friends with the ferry man.haha) and I love how the Sydney Opera shone to the sunlight. Can you see the roof? it has a special material made for the roof. They call it shell. But according to the history, the roof is made from a material that will wash up the roofs during the raining days and shines and glittered when hit the sunlight. More info here : Sydney RoofΒ .

it’s really nice right? gorgeous weather that day! the sun was at it’s best πŸ˜‰ and we had few stops before arriving the Darling Harbor β™₯ from Circular Quay to Luna Park, Balmain,Manly, Taronga and Darling Harbour πŸ™‚

So when we docked at the Darling Harbor we walked halfway down the harbor to find a cab and it was pretty windy at the harbor and i think it’s gonna rain anytime soon. And to the outlet we go!no pictures taken ‘during’ the shopping spree.haha! but I managed to get myself a nice set of Corelle of course! and mom as usual, bags! there’s not much shops there (it’s not like the Bicester Village.London wins! haha) but it’s good enough for us ;P

after a short two hours of shopping πŸ˜› we decided to head back to the hotel and had our usual Nandos at the Market City and we had a short rest before going to the Bondi Beach for sunset πŸ™‚ yeay!!

to be continued..

hello land of down under!

Sydney : Β Day 1 & 2

g’day mate! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ it’s been almost a month since my last travel to the land of down under. i’ve always love traveling for the past six years.I discovered the fun of traveling when I was in Japan. funny is, every young person I met in Japan that I came across will tell me that they like traveling whenever I asked them. At first I don’t get it when they said that they like to travel and holiday ( i was like woahhh they must be saving so much money to do so!)

and little that I know it started to become my hobby too! ;P so when Mister told me that he’s going to Sydney for work..i was jumping up and down begging him so that I can tag along! πŸ™‚ for the past 8 years of traveling around the world.I have always wanted to go to Australia! so this is my chance!! but he made me promise to bring my parents along.haha! he told me that he doesn’t want me to wander around alone while he’s at work.(pffft! i had been wandering alone for the past 6 years lah sayang!hehe) and so alhamdulillah, on the 26th of October, my family and i took our flight to SYDNEY!!

it took us 7 and half hours to reach the King Smith’s Terminal, Sydney. As soon as we landed, I just realized that I forgot to bring my coat! sheesh!! so there I was, shivering from the windy Summer breeze of Sydney. it was Spring-Summer when we arrived there. There were still flowers blooming and the weather was just fine. And it’s kinda chilly at night. But you can just wear the usual shirts or cardigan. The weather was really nice to walk around the city.

safely arrived at the King’s Smith Airport

someone’s can’t wait to explore the city
yours truly ;P
beautiful flowers along the road

dad’s happy he gets to buy fresh fruits just across the street

our first meal of the day.sooo fillinggggg! and yummy too! @marketcity

Β after having our lunch.we were too tired to walk around the city, yet. so we decided to take a nap and end up slept of till 5pm! and most of the shops were almost closed! haha..but I managed to get this multi2 tickets.
it is used for taking the buses, trams,trains and ferries. it’s really useful..we surely used it well! i think the ticket was really tired going in and out of the transportation machines!haha..

we also found this! and this is rare!! and yummy too!
we got this for $52 for all trains,ferries and buses we need throughout our stay πŸ™‚ useful!
we found nando’s!
getting ready for dinner. tired faces ;P

my chicken classic wrap

Grand CentralΒ 
we are heading to Circular Quay for our ferry ride! πŸ™‚

waiting for the ferry from Circular Quay to Darling Harbour.

luna park

me and sydney harbour πŸ™‚

so beautiful masha Allah β™₯

darling harbour

wifi in ferry uols!

antique clock at the Grand Central StationΒ 

night walk from the Grand Central. Mom’s so happy πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

yup they have sooo many kinds of Magnum! drool! *did not eat any cause having my menses.bummer*

daily dose from 7Eleven πŸ˜‰

we had the first day for some ‘getting to know’ around the city before we get heated up with our touristy activities! πŸ˜‰ we stayed at the Aarons Hotel at Ultimo Road.

The place is nice and boy they have the comfiest bed ever!! like once u lie down, u literally sink! ;P I totally forgot to take any photos of the hotel. My mom did.will put it up once I got it. And the hotel was quite affordable! next : Sydney : 2nd Day : Sydney Tower Skywalk & Birkinhead Point Outlet! πŸ™‚