The beauty of Winter

My dear friend shared me this beautiful photo of Peonies. I didn’t know they have it in White.. Ahhh I am suckers for white! 😍😍😍

Isn’t it pweeeetttyyyy 😍

I pray that she’ll get her doctorate in Netherlands. She has been there for 5 years now. I believe she will be an awesome Dr Karimah soon! Bon chance Kaem! I miss you! Come home quick ok!


selamat hari raya! Eid Mubarak!

I hope it’s not too late to wish a happy hari raya to all my muslims friends and readers (ada ke?) hari raya was awesome. This is my first year to celebrate my Eid in Kajang and Semenyih =) on the evening we then went straight back to Kelantan (yes, we drove at 4pm and reached somewhere around 1230pm *sweats*) alhamdulillah we reached Kelantan sound and safely πŸ™‚

so here’s my Raya photo (stoked!) ^__^

heading to mak’s house
with mak at atuk’s
raya at atuk’s
in Kelatan! πŸ™‚ us siblings and in laws. complete. family β™₯
me and encik in Teratai #nd4fv
selfus! β™₯

there you go. my hari raya in a short 3 days celebration. alhamdulillah, it was a really beautiful day to meet all my cousins, aunties, and relatives (near or far) yeayy!! and so, this week..the OPEN HOUSE begins! yikes =)

happy birthday to my bahu untuk nangis atas β™₯

for this’s kinda so many ways. and i know she knows what I meant. And this year, she (or should say ‘we’ ) is turning to the new phase of life and to a different level of ‘age’. (haha i’m trying my best to be gentle on the number) so to many years ahead. happy birthday to the one and only Azzahraa Annuar. may Allah bless u with kindness and love. And may Allah grant you strength and happiness. may Allah bless you in everything.. In Shaa Allah πŸ™‚ Β may we become best of friends till Jannah β™₯ Β what thirty? pffftt!! those are just numbers! ;P much love xx

Awesome Kick Start 2014!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! (this is gonna be super lengthy post!)

i hope it’s never too late for me to wish you happy 2014! (although we are almost entering February πŸ˜› ) alhamdulillah my new year was awesome!! on the first of January I went for some jalan-jalan with mister and met my breakfast clan for our usual hang out at the Food Foundry. and we get to see Via’s mister for the first time! yeay!!

new year started of pretty well and i decided to suprise mister for his birthday. (well not so suprised actually.haha!) we decided to take days off to the South! πŸ™‚ it was really nice to have a short roadtrip though. It’s been a while since we drove a long way for holiday. we stayed over in JB so we can have good food and jalan-jalan around JB πŸ˜‰ i get to visit Chaiwalla again! yeay!! the tea was kinda different from the Chatime or Gongcha. but service wise..super slow.sorry πŸ˜› mayb i’m used to efficiency from Chatime. It’s ok. they surely have ample spaces to improve πŸ˜‰

so the suprise birthday part is going to USS! yeayy!! (haha si pemberi hadiah pun excited! cause i love theme park!) I’ve been to Universal Studio Japan in Osaka, but I wanna see what’s the different with the one in Singapore πŸ˜‰ well, as always, this little miss well organize loves to get things done before hand. so I’ve made all the reservations done in December. I did few surveys on how people get to Singapore or Sentosa. Some of them drove to Singapore and they will need to stop at the Woodlands for checkpoint etc. But I was unaware of how does it work if you went by car. So we took express bus instead. It is wayyyy much easier i guess. Cause the bus will drop you off and tell you to get off and go for some stampings and he will wait for you at the other end of the station. And it was not hard to get off and get on the bus after the stampings. I was stoked I literally hopping of and walked as fast as I can. ( scared that we might get lost or missed the bus!) haha..

so getting to Resort World Sentorsa from JB by bus is super easy. U can get these buses at most of the hotels in JB. You just pay RM25-RM30 for a return ticket. And you will go to Resort World Sentosa straight from the hotel.easy peasy! The bus driver will drop you of at 7:30 am and pick you up at 7:30 pm! =) well, the most time consuming part was to bypass the Iskandar checkpoint and Woodlands. We went to Singapore on Monday, so the traffic was quite congested but I heard that it’s much better than on weekends. I clocked us waiting to enter Singapore around half an hour (waiting hours) and the drive was practically around 1 hour or less to get to Sentosa.But we don’t mind waiting cause we’re super excited!! Once we reached Sentosa. we were uber stoked!!

all photos were taken with Lumix GF5 and Iphone 5 πŸ™‚

For the Universal Studio Singapore Day Pass, we bought the tickets online here : Universal Studio Singapore. And I highly recommend you to do so. And if you have a Mastercard, you will get 10% from the actual price! which is cheaper by $7!Awesome right! so in my case, I bought the tickets the moment my mister said yes (haha, I actually asked him if he wanna go to USS.not so suprise huh) And once the ticket is purchased, print it out and you will get two barcodes (one for each person) and you are good to go! The fun thing is, when we arrived by bus. We were clueless of where to head and where the hell was the entrance.The rest of the passenger in bus were clueless too! and when they got off the bus, they still hafta queue to get their ticket. While we, on the other hand…we went right through the entrance!! SO EASY!! my advice, print out your day pass bar code and they will scan your papers at the entrance and off you go!! yeayy!!

can u see that excited girl? haha

churro!! yumms!

the cutest van hehe

we’ve read few reviews on the internet of which rides are cool and which are not. so i found this good review where they recommend us to go straight to the Transmorfer -The Ride 3D. oh my!! it was the AWESOMEST!!! i rode twiceeeee!! AHHHH I wanna go again!!!! haha cray cray!! the ride was the coolest man!! (i must be a real Transformers fan!haha) you should do the same! u should go straight to this ride once u entered the USS.

after the Transformer ride, we then head to Revenge of the Mummy Ride. Oh by the way, if you are not familiar with Universal Studios rides system. Usually you have to queue for each rides. Sometimes it could take up to one hour of queueing. But don’t worry, the queue was not too long.It moves quite quickly too! We were lucky enough cos we hafta wait for 15 minutes for both Revenge of The Mummy Ride and The Transformer Ride. The Revenge of the Mummy Ride was a curse on me. Well mister seems to enjoy his ride though.Even on the candid camera, he was the only one looking excited and thrilled on the ride. The rest of us looked like we cried.HAHA! but it sure did make my neck hurt. pfftt!!

oh yeahh..we were really happy and excited before we saw and took the ride! fish!

the killer ride. not good for people who has neck pain.haha (well i discovered that I have motion sickness after this ride)

boy we were sooo pumped we took almost all of the rides! after the mummy ride, we thought of trying the Battlestar Galactica ride (Human & Cyclon) but the ride was temporary out of service due to maintainance (my friend told me it has been W.I.P since November.haih..)

(thank God it’s closed! haha i saw it on YouTube, and it’s sooo meannn!!) *cries*

so we then went straight to the Jurrasic Park. But it started to rain though. Β The weather was quite chilly and humid. We decided to go to Far Far Away instead since the ride was indoor. We didn’t know that there was a small rollercoaster. So we went to the 4D first which is not so new to me..went to the one in USJ before. So mister was quite excited though. (haha he is too cute that day! every single rides was like a candy store! :P) and after watching 4D.

we went to the Friar’s Restaurant for lunch! the food wash yummehhh!! πŸ™‚ and if you are afraid whether the food are halal or not..don’t worry. They will have the list of halal food in the USS map. They will mention SHC (Singapore Halal Certificate) so don’t worry ok! but there are some restaurants that does not have the halal cert. so it’s better for you to ask the counter..cause Singapore are like Malaysia, they have Malay (Muslims) serve at the counter so you can actually speak to them “Boleh makan ke eh?” haha I literally asked that! sheeshh! πŸ˜› but better ask right? Here is the SHC logo for your references πŸ™‚

so now you know. u can have a great time at USS! yeay!! πŸ˜‰
we were waiting for our Pizza! (so glad that we can eat every meat there!) we were STARVING!!

ice cream cone plak. hehe while waiting for the rain to stop πŸ™‚

yes. it was super sedapppp..haihh i wanna go again! -___-“

and when the rain stops, we went straight to the Jurassic Park ride. I can’t wait!! oh,it’s a different ride if you’ve been to Orlando or Osaka. The one in Japan, the Jurassic Park ride was a 90 degree free fall.crazy!! but glad this one was more of a splish splashing water. I got my shoes soaked!! like literally drenched! cause I was sitting at the side of the ride, so the water came rush in into my shoes! bleurgh!

haha i find this cute! haha tired face but still wanna take a ride πŸ˜›

ready to get wet!

haha! shouting in silence.can u? πŸ˜€

Β after the awesome ride, we decided to join the crowd for the Water World! Oh my!! This was the awesomest show ever!! We enjoyed it in AWE! the stunt men and woman was superb!! they drove the speedboat like pro! the effects of burning here and there! explosions, gun shooting, and even a HUGE plane came crash the metal wall! it was surreal!! it was really fun watching the whole stunts! make u feel like ur in the actual set!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

and finally we went to see the Madagascar! haha it was funny that we actually took the ride. well, something like ‘It’s a small world’ but yeah, it’s not that boring though..we saw Alex, Gloria, Marty, The Penguins and also King Julius! hehe

king julius too busy fussing around.haha!

we totally went to every rides in there. but we missed only one though..the Sesame Street. but we did have a good time! so we went to take few shots around the small town and we had a take away from the Mel’s. The food was yummerrrss!! we spent every single dollars we have πŸ˜‰

amboi kemain bag. nak pegi mana? πŸ˜›

i bet everyone waits for the UNIVERSAL word to spin.haha!

the only decent picture of us but the mist decided to ruin our photo! pfftt watevs!

well, it’s finally time for us to say goodbye to the awesome town. it’s time to take our bus and head home.. alhamdulillah, we did not miss the bus and as soon as we arrived at our room we hit the bed snoring! haha super flat on the bed. totally beat. i hope mister had a great time on his birthday. i know i did πŸ™‚ and we surely gonna come again soon! this time with the rest of our family! we had a great time at the USS and we highly recommend everyone to have a good plan before you go there. how to get there and even which rides to take first. we managed to ride almost all! (except for some which was under construction and Sesame Street was too kidsy?) so how did you start your new year? I hope it started off well too! can’t wait for our next road trip next month! yeay!! hope u will have an awesome January! much love xx

Sydney Day 4 : Part I : Featherdale Wildlife Park

Our final day in Sydney was definitely well spent. And boy it was pretty hard for me as I was having ‘lady’s day’ and I have to contain the agony and pain in order to bring my family around the town πŸ™‚ we woke up early and took the train to the Central. since the Featherdale Wildlife Park is further from our place, we decided to take the first route to Blacktown. Once in Blacktown, we took a bus and stopped right in front of the Featherdale Park. I’m sooo excited because it’s my first time to see the cute kangaroo and wallabies and koalas and.. ahhh!! everything!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

that wombat.dahlah gemuk duduk je situ.gerammm!!

this bird looks like WOOD!! like kayu right??
the only picture of us with koala πŸ™‚ the rest of our photos are in his camera πŸ˜‰
mrs kangaroo sunbathing B-)

cute little creatures!! gerammm!!

can u see that koala’s claws! scarrryy

one thing for sure. they smells! πŸ˜›

that’s a wombat inside the small cave.sleeping terkangkang!

well my friend, this is the Tasmanian devil! and they are really active creature.the only picture of not moving Tasmanian.

wallabies berehat-rehat.beronok-ronok..

i think it’s a type of stork.but it has blue head.scaryyy

yang ni pun wallaby. tengah tido ke tengah merajuk,tak sure πŸ˜›

weird blue chicken.

fluffy chicken kecik and gemuk!

sheeppp!! baaaahhhh

that’s a calf and sheep! besties,kut! πŸ˜›

pretty duck with a head like beckham hair πŸ˜› (kojack)

that’s the blue chicken. takleh duduk diam. kehulu kehilir macam cari apa je..

proud eagle showing of his wings


that’s a peacock.but when i was taking this photo she decide not to open up her wings.pffft!!

tengok tu.. buat deekkkk jeee

buaya besar gila bapok tengah berendam B-)

after going to the Featherdale. we took a bus back to the city and of to Darling Harbour for famous tourist spot for sight seeing –> Madame Tussauds!! *cliche i know* πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

to be continued

Sydney Day 3 : Part I : Skywalk at the Sydney Eye Tower and Birkinhead Point Outlet

on our second day in Sydney we had planned to climb up the Sydney Eye Tower.Well we did not literally climbed up.but we had reserved a session to experience the Skywalk at the Sydney Tower Eye. For those who wanted to travel to Sydney, you could save up to $84 if you plan to visit these 5 attractions. We bought the Ultimate Sydney Pass which includes 5 attractions like the Sydney Tower Eye, Skywalk, Sydney Sealife, Sydney Wildlife and Madame Tussauds! You just buy the Ultimate Sydney Pass at the Sydney Tower website here!

I really do think it’s a good deal because you can use all these passes at any given days. (u can use it up to 30 days! so can stay in Sydney longer! πŸ˜‰ ) Β It’s just that when you purchase these tickets at the Sydney Tower website, you have to pick up all these tickets at the Sydney Tower. If you bought it at the Madame Tussauds, you have to pick up the rest of the tickets at the Madame Tussauds too! πŸ™‚ nice right?

So we woke up early and had our breakfast new the Picadally Building. Well, being in Australia and not knowing where to have breakfast early in the morning, we just pray that we are eating right (halal food is not within our reach at that time) so we had the baked beans with some omelette and super nice Segafredo hot chocolate πŸ™‚

our Skywalk was at 10:30 am so we had our breakfast and started of with The Sydney Eye Tower tour. The view from the top is stupendous! we could see the harbour and the boats and the marina bay.exciting!! and thanks to my iphone 5 for doing an amazing job in taking all the GF5 was with mister at that time (and he was with another tour group by the way) so my photos are all using my dear IPhone5. fewh!

u can see from the top of the tower all the way down!can you believe it?! nice right!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

and then after touring around the tower,it’s time for Skywalk! weehooo!! it’s quite nerve wrecking when we have to go all the way to the top and we could not bring our own camera by the way. So these photos are from their camera which is kept in a box secured with safety rope ok! haha and all of us were suited up in a full body suit and equipped with harness and boy, we surely went gaga! cause the wind was pretty strong up there! πŸ˜› and it’s coooolllddd!! brrrrrrr

so after the thrilling experience (haha my dad and I are afraid of heights!:P) we went down and straight to Birkinhead Point Outlet!well, according to the map (yes I read maps.haha but i kinda suck at the distance range) well I thought we could arrive there by foot (HAHA!) but when I asked around they told me that I could reach there by foot but it will take us 30 minutes.sorry,no thanks! mom’s not fit enough to walk that far,so we decided to take the cab instead ;P so lesson learnt : please bring enough cash just in case u were too tired to walk around the city and not knowing the exact distance is not reachable by foot ok! πŸ˜› we went back to the train station to get to Circular Quay. note that Circular Quay is the station to exchange from train to ferries, buses and other trains.

this is our favourite stop cause my mom and my brother loves to shop here πŸ˜›

so we took another ferry ride from Circular Quay to Darling Harbor (yes, we LOVEEE ferry rides! haha) we saw this grumpy seagull begging for food but making a straight face.pfftt!! garang!

and here we go!! on the ferry we hopped! i love the scenery from our ferry! (we made friends with the ferry man.haha) and I love how the Sydney Opera shone to the sunlight. Can you see the roof? it has a special material made for the roof. They call it shell. But according to the history, the roof is made from a material that will wash up the roofs during the raining days and shines and glittered when hit the sunlight. More info here : Sydney RoofΒ .

it’s really nice right? gorgeous weather that day! the sun was at it’s best πŸ˜‰ and we had few stops before arriving the Darling Harbor β™₯ from Circular Quay to Luna Park, Balmain,Manly, Taronga and Darling Harbour πŸ™‚

So when we docked at the Darling Harbor we walked halfway down the harbor to find a cab and it was pretty windy at the harbor and i think it’s gonna rain anytime soon. And to the outlet we go!no pictures taken ‘during’ the shopping spree.haha! but I managed to get myself a nice set of Corelle of course! and mom as usual, bags! there’s not much shops there (it’s not like the Bicester Village.London wins! haha) but it’s good enough for us ;P

after a short two hours of shopping πŸ˜› we decided to head back to the hotel and had our usual Nandos at the Market City and we had a short rest before going to the Bondi Beach for sunset πŸ™‚ yeay!!

to be continued..