The beauty of Winter

My dear friend shared me this beautiful photo of Peonies. I didn’t know they have it in White.. Ahhh I am suckers for white! 😍😍😍

Isn’t it pweeeetttyyyy 😍

I pray that she’ll get her doctorate in Netherlands. She has been there for 5 years now. I believe she will be an awesome Dr Karimah soon! Bon chance Kaem! I miss you! Come home quick ok!


jalan-jalan kota Delft : a brief introduction

helo.i am still stuck with and holland.we had a mutual feelings.haha! so on the last day in Holland.i went to spend some quality time with Delft (besides the dog pooped ok.LOL)

after and dad went straight to bed.kaem and i let them rest for awhile.and we went for some bike rides around Delft. one thing about Delft, that i know of is that the bicycles are much more important than the cars. People got sued for hitting or knocking into someone else’s bike! our first impression was, the cyclist should be fined for riding the bike tooo fast!haha! i’m telling you,when we first arrived in Delft. we were honked or should u call it ringed (bicycle ring) by the funny and boyyyy..they rode it like a motorbike! B-) hehehe..

so my first experience of riding the folded bike is bad.i think i hurt my loins!hahah (if i have loins) but i love kaem’s’s BIG and yet,comfortable and ‘reachable’ by me,ok! ;P so,let me take you around Delft.enjoy!

that’s the inside of kaem’s building and that’s us,outside the main cool is that? with that wooden pushing door.i am stoked! 🙂 and a wee bit feel of creepy.haha!and hello! knock knock! who’s there!

we went some groceries shopping for beriyani rice that nite.and boy, we were looking for corriander but in dutch!haiyooo..very funnyyy!!luckily,we found it!thanks to me! B-) hehehe.and we walk some more near the canals.and beautiful building and churches 🙂 i love architectures 🙂 it made me feel wise.HAHA!and so we walk some more..and see how beautiful this little town called Delft 🙂

and last but not least.we had an amazing nasi beriyani! Delft style 😀 heee..the chicken is awesomeee!!

nomnomnomnom and everything goes just right.perhaps we were realllyy hungry at that there you go! 😉 my final day in Delft, Holland. and next! Paris oh la la! ♥ je taime 🙂 much love xx

kickin keukenhoff ♥

heloooo!! how was ur weekend so far?sizzlingggg hottt right??the weather definitely not allowing me to roam outside.or just getting into the car to get to the mall!fewhh!it’s damnn hot girlfriend!B-)

back to my holland mode.laddiidaaa…i loveee holland!the weather.the friendly people.and you won’t get lost in Delft either!;) it’s a small town with friendly people and boy,i wish i could stay there longer! (well i stayed long enough to get my new Hilfiger flip flops on dog poop!dayme!>:P )

on the second day in Delft.we had planned earlier that night,we’re gonna take our time.out of the bed.cook breakfast.sleep as long as we need it.boy,we love having host like kaem ;P she’ll do anything to make u at home!but the thing is,we, the jetlaggers 😛 will woke up earlier than her and making bumping noises around the house and boy!the next thing u know.she’s all up and cleaning and cooking in her house.bless u kaem ♥

so we woke up and mom (plus kaem,the kitchen helper) cooked fried beehoon.yuumehhh!! i miss mom’s cooking!it’s been a while since she last cooked!hehe..and kaem fried the usual (ecehh..usual!macam dah lama gila duduk kat holland.LOL) marinated chicken.super duper yummy! like 10pieces i guess! and u would not believe that we finished it up during our little picnic! (hungry travelers 😛 )

well,that will be kaem in her little kitchen.frying the marinated chicken.slowly and patiently 🙂 and that’s dad,with his BIGGGG appetite. (he really loves staying at kaem’s.i think he wants to adopt kaem 😛 ) and that’s us.definitely and obviously none of us had showered.LOL..

so kenyang perut suka hati! we’re off to Keunkenhof!! weeee ♥ ♥ so we waited for the bus to Delft Station. and we took a train to Leiden Centraal. that will bring us to a bus station heading to Keukenhof for around 15-20minutes.i loveeee driving or being in the car/bus around Holland.the houses are mostly near the canals. and the sight,is such a beauty in Spring time.

we were all excited and the train ride was not that long!we arrived in Leiden and took another bus to Keukenhof 🙂 and so,we arrived!! yeay!!

and the flower power begins~!!

sorry with the photos overload!but there’s soooo many pictures to put! but those are among the nicest 🙂 aishh..i am so in love with Holland ♥ there were also lilies and orchids!but gosh!i am not gonna put all photos in here!Holland itself needs a special album of 400 ++ photos!bless me! 😛 u can always check the photos at my fb 🙂

so we spent almost 5hours in the park,and yet,we could not finished the rest of the park 😛 mom and dad truly had a great time,i bet.and i am beyond glad ♥ i was happy too! i could meet my girlfriend, kaem 🙂 we head back to Delft and let mom and dad rest for a me and Kaem went to walk around Delft town for a while..i am definitely showing u around Delft town 🙂 but on the next post then! 😉 i hope u enjoyed looking at the beautiful photos.subhanAllah..indah sungguh ciptaan Allah swt.. 🙂 so,ok!have a nice weekend! much love xx

hollaa holland! ♥ oi oi oi

and so the first two days in London was a greattt startt!! we were all pumped up for our next venue : Holland! oi oi oi! hee..i love saying the oi 😛 it’s actually Hi in Dutch 😉 my parents and I are definitely looking forward for Holland as we are very very looking forward for SPRING!! we planned to go to Keunkenhof! yeayyy!! yeap,the place where u can see all these beautiful tulips,lilies and also orchids! oh there’s other flowers too! like hydrangea and azaleas etc.

and so!we woke up as early as 4am!from Mile End to Stansted Airport.sempat shopping scarves for Nadz and Hackett for abang.haha.i should’ve bought more scarves at Tie Rack 😀 but its ok.i can still get it from Kaem 😉 and so, our flight was at 655am.and we reached Eindhoven Airport at 755am which is supposed to be 855am in Holland.gosh!changing timeline really kills me.we were confused! (most of the time.LOL) and so,alhamdulillah. arriving in Holland was easy. and everything went smooth 🙂 we took a bus to Eindhoven Centraal. And we met Kaem!! it was funny how Kaem herself is discovering new experience during our visit. She just knew where can we put the BIGGG luggage at the Centraal.and how to buy a ticket and all (because she had been relying tooo much on her debit card.haha!bless u kaem ♥)

so we arrived in Roermond station and boy! it was 10-15minutes walk from the station to the Roermond Factory Outlet! boy,we are almost patah the cold,we wish there’s a bus to there.but, we managed to arrive there safely! ;P berkat semangat untuk shopping.LOL

and we had the nicest lunch! the food was amazinnnngg!! but the strawberry crush is yuck!tooo freshhh and masam! 😛

after the quick lunch.we head for more shopping!! weeee~~

sorry.not many pictures of mom and dad.they went 😛 out of nowhere, they came back with more bags 😛 well,they really need to check their credit card,REALLLYY check.their cards seem limitless 😛 haha!so after 5 hours of shopping..we headed back to Delft.finally, we reached kaem’s humble little studio!oh i love her place sooo much !! ♥ so homely! and she made my mom forced me to buy furniture for my house from IKEA pronto! aiyohhh 😛 very easily influenced lah mama 😛

so nice and cozy right?? mom and dad gets to sleep in it.haihh *jealous* haha!and ummm ummm! we had nice amazing meals at kaem’s.boy,she cooks very well!!and mom bought fresh strawberries too!sedappnyaaa!! (ok,tipu je.saya tak makan i tak tau sedap ke tak 😛 ) we had our tummy filled up.and ready to for tomorrow’s agenda! TULIPS!! ♥ ♥