words can be sharper than knives

i’m not a writer. i’m not even good in my essay during high school ( i recall having lela to remind me by Miss Shal to put full stop in my essay cause I tend to make a sentence without putting a stop.haha! talking about chitty chatty girl ;P ) ^^ may Allah bless Miss Shal and husband..and protect them from harm and may Allah ease their hardship while in custody.^^ may Allah protect her children too ^^

anyways, I watched a good movie last night with mister. We watched “The Words” and it was on 8tv. It was a story about a writer writing about a writer who writes about another writer’s writing. HAAAA… faham tak? ^^ hehe..well the story started off with a writer giving a speech on his recent book. The Words. And inside his book was a story about a writer, who was very ambitious but was not lucky with his writings. His book was not published because it was not good enough. He could not get his book to be published, but he managed to get a job in a publishing company. He keeps on writing but nothing came through. He was close to giving up when he decided to marry his long term girlfriend and went to Paris for honeymoon. In Paris, they went to small streets and came upon an antique shop where he found a briefcase with unpublished writings. He started to read the writings and he decided to rewrite it.So he went back to America and he started to retype the whole writings and he asked for his boss (where he work at in a publishing company), and asked him a favour to read up his ‘typing’. His boss finally read the writings and agreed to help him to publish the book. His book “The Window Tears” became a hit and he even won an award for his book. Until one day, an old man came up to him and asked him about his book. And he was baffled when he found out that the old man was the owner of the writings he found in the briefcase while he was in Paris. Ahaa.. the rest..u should watch the movie! It was quite a catch. I was glued in front of the TV for the whole two hours! 😉

^^ when he found the briefcase in Paris^^

^^ he felt guilty when the book was published and confront the old man to forgive him^^
Photos courtesy of Smilingsally.blogspot.com

if you’re in a mood to watch. Do find the CD at Speedy or maybe you can read the book! have fun reading (& watching) 😉  ^^ Specially dedicating this movie to Nadiah (Purplelurve) because I know you like good movie ^^

Sydney Day 4 : Part II : Madame Tussauds and Darling Harbour

on the fourth day in Sydney we totally filled up our day with 3 different places to go! our flight was at 11pm that day, so we decided to make full use of our final day in Sydney. So after going to the Featherdale Wildlife Park, we headed towards the Darling Harbour to meet the celebrities! 😉 I’m not sure if the big ships which looked like a battleship or navy ships are always docked here but we saw these big ships near the harbour. Maybe it’s from the National Maritime Museum. but they sure look so big and scary! 😛

we arrived at the Darling Harbour jetty. and we need to walk a looong way to the Madame Tussauds. Well since the wind were blowing really hard at that time, our walk seems like forever! 😛 but we managed to reach M.T and greeted by handsome Johnny Depp! B-) auwww!!
you can see how hard the wind blow..u can see depp’s hair flying!haha
macho abes! 😛 seriously they looked like real to me! i even touched his face.haha
that’s my girl Riri ♥
that’s lady gaga and lady gagap on the right.hahaha
that’s oprah when she was thinner i guess.but my dream came true. i talked my heart out! ;P *drama*
E & E = Erin & Einstein ? 😛
aku dah pesan Erin, belajar rajin2. tapi tengok..apa dah jadi? 😛
so pretty kylie minogue 🙂
well these are the photos from my iphone.well as usual, the battery when kaput after a whole day of going around Sydney.but we did bring along our lumix along so the photos are all inside that camera (oh i took some photos with Leo Pio, Bruce Willis, Brad Pitt doesn’t look like him at all,pfft! and many more.and seriously I think they really really look live like!) I touched some of their faces..and it really freaked me out!! haha good job peeps!
after going to the Madame Tussauds, we rushed to Sealife, but it was kinda boring for me cause it’s just the same as Aquaria, except they don’t have Piranha.take that! but we don’t have Dugong/Manatee, and they surely a HUGEEE one!! we did get the chance to watch the Manatee from the top of the aquarium and it did make me go ‘WOAHHH that’s a big sea cow!!’ 😛 we did not take many pictures here because I’m still having my nature calls..bummer so I did take a mental picture of each and every creature there 🙂 so we headed back to Circular Quay before heading back to Central.
our favourite stop : St James (they have Pandora shop here.haha)
this University is just 2 minutes walk from our hotel.maybe I should enrol here 😉
my dream uni perhaps 🙂

as the sun was setting down..it’s time for us to head back to Malaysia. Our flight was at 11.25pm that night. so we headed early in case the queue gets crazy at the airport. And so..that was the story of my Sydney Trip. I surely had a great time there. Despite having the ‘time of the month’, I did have trouble taking a long walk around the town but I managed to pull it through (thank you Allah) and I hope my parents had a great time there. And it’s kinda sad knowing that it might be my last trip with them, just the four of us (Pa,Ma,Ash and I) but I do hope we could go for a short trip in Malaysia with the new family members around (encik suami & mummy Rina) . All in all, Australia was a nice place to go for holiday. I do hope to visit Perth or Gold Coast (#laterwish) But for me, the trip to Sydney was quite affordable. Despite buying last minute tickets, we managed to score for a flight ticket (AAX) with a family room for 5D3N with only RM1800 each person. Alhamdulillah..as for me, I am looking forward for our trip next year. Mister and I are gonna be away next week. Hope all of u had a great holidays and have a happy new year! what’s your new year’s resolution? Lets share! I will update on mine soon ok! much love xx

tips : use AirAsiaGo if you want to get a great deal both flights and accommodation included. I think it’s quite reasonable price! or you can try and use airbnb.com ok! have fun planning your holidays! xx

Sydney Day 4 : Part I : Featherdale Wildlife Park

Our final day in Sydney was definitely well spent. And boy it was pretty hard for me as I was having ‘lady’s day’ and I have to contain the agony and pain in order to bring my family around the town 🙂 we woke up early and took the train to the Central. since the Featherdale Wildlife Park is further from our place, we decided to take the first route to Blacktown. Once in Blacktown, we took a bus and stopped right in front of the Featherdale Park. I’m sooo excited because it’s my first time to see the cute kangaroo and wallabies and koalas and.. ahhh!! everything!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

that wombat.dahlah gemuk duduk je situ.gerammm!!

this bird looks like WOOD!! like kayu right??
the only picture of us with koala 🙂 the rest of our photos are in his camera 😉
mrs kangaroo sunbathing B-)

cute little creatures!! gerammm!!

can u see that koala’s claws! scarrryy

one thing for sure. they smells! 😛

that’s a wombat inside the small cave.sleeping terkangkang!

well my friend, this is the Tasmanian devil! and they are really active creature.the only picture of not moving Tasmanian.

wallabies berehat-rehat.beronok-ronok..

i think it’s a type of stork.but it has blue head.scaryyy

yang ni pun wallaby. tengah tido ke tengah merajuk,tak sure 😛

weird blue chicken.

fluffy chicken kecik and gemuk!

sheeppp!! baaaahhhh

that’s a calf and sheep! besties,kut! 😛

pretty duck with a head like beckham hair 😛 (kojack)

that’s the blue chicken. takleh duduk diam. kehulu kehilir macam cari apa je..

proud eagle showing of his wings


that’s a peacock.but when i was taking this photo she decide not to open up her wings.pffft!!

tengok tu.. buat deekkkk jeee

buaya besar gila bapok tengah berendam B-)

after going to the Featherdale. we took a bus back to the city and of to Darling Harbour for famous tourist spot for sight seeing –> Madame Tussauds!! *cliche i know* 😀 😀 😀

to be continued

Sydney Day 3 : Part II : Bondi Beach for sunset and dinner =)

after a whole day outing at the Sydney Tower Eye and Birkinhead Point Outlet. we decided to have the famous fish and chips in Bondi Junction. We’re glad that our Multi 2 passes are valid at most of the places that we went to. So we walked up to the Central Station and took a train from Central to Bondi Junction. But to get to the Bondi Beach, we need to take a bus which stopped right across the beach 🙂

this is the gorgeous Central Station ♥ we love u! hehe

well we were really nervous when we took the bus (actually ‘I’ was nervous because the whole Sydney trip plan was managed by me! the local tour guide.haha! definitely not local because this is my first time being in Australia,blimey!:P) and so I did ask few people in the bus. a nice lady were really nice to tell me where to hop off! thank u nice surfer lady hehe..we didn’t know that it took about 20-30minutes from the Bondi Junction bus station to the Bondi Beach.so we arrived just in time for the sunset 🙂 Alhamdulillah..

that’s my brother at the end ;P hi ash!

it’s reallllyy nice right? i love how the beach look sooo serene and it brought ease to all of us once we reach the beach. mom and dad can’t stop taking photos and i love how Iphone 5 can take this panaromic view of the Bondi Beach for me to share with you B-) but since my post space is not wide enough..u can click the photo for better view ok 😉

beautiful ♥

it’s really beautiful during the sunset. and cold too!! i think the weather was 17C. but it’s nice and warm at the same time 🙂 and funny thing is, after we had a stroll along the beach..we wanted to have this famous fish and chips.all i know is the address but not where it is located. (and I was having my menses! adooii very headache to search highs and lows :P) but alhamdulillah we managed to find our shop! with the help of the locals! yeayy!!

the ever famous fish & chips at bondi beach!
and of cos! the famous fried mars bar!
mama & papa 🙂
yours truly enjoying the fried mars! 🙂

see the oozing melting mars inside..yummers! ♥

and after the nice dinner we had. we decided to head back to the hotel and i have a hot date for that night 😉 hehe in case you are wondering where is mister ..here’s the story.hehe..actually rashid has a business trip to Sydney..so I decided to tag along.but he asked me invite my parents and lil brother to tag along so that I won’t be alone in Sydney. and since mister is going with his company, most of his itinerary was planned by his company (well don’t ask me where he went.i am sooo jelly!! pfftt!!) funny thing is, we took the same flight time and arrived at the same time on that day! buttt..we stayed in the different hotels.so i could only meet mister on the second night in Sydney  (rindu oooo! haha) so we decided to have a romantic night ferry ride to Darling Harbour! it was really niceee..just the two of us on the ferry and we were even the last person on the ferry for that night.haha~ dating all out i tell you!! 😛

loml ♥

amboiii siap tongkat dagu! hehehe

I really love the Sydney view at night. i don’t mind going back and forth from Circular Quay to Darling Harbour every night 😀 😀 😀 the whole return trip from Circular Quay to Darling Harbour took around 60 minutes. so we spent the whole hour on the ferry.heeee :”> and mister slept over at our hotel for that night.yeaaayyy!! we went back to the hotel quite late that night because the last ferry was at 12.00 am. boy I was super hungry because I did not had the fish and chips when we were in Bondi (nature calls.haha) and so after returning from Darling Harbour we had the leftovers and went off to bed…zonked! as for tomorrow,we were ready for our date with Mrs Kangaroo at the Featherdale Wildlife Park 🙂

to be continued..

adjusting in..

hey peeps.it’s sunny sunday! and sunday is laundry day for me.and i love lazy sundays 🙂 i get more time to spend with my family (i’m a weekend family woman.lol) i know i need to make full use of my weekends with my loved ones..as you all know that ten months from now..i will no longer spending time weekends waking up late on my ‘haunted bed’. yep,my bad is really haunted..every time i put my head on the pillow..i will end up sleeping for 8hours straight.haha..no noise can wake me up.how deep sleep can that be?? my mom has a very superb taste in choosing comforters, pillows and mattresses.i’m blessed.my beds are all haunted that once u decide to ‘just’ lie down and watch the ceiling, you will end up taking long hours nap ;P

so i’m sure gonna miss that haunted bed.spacious room and yes,my privacy.i can ensure you,that! hehe..but getting married is not a bad idea.trust me.i can’t give a preach on that for now,but i will let u know when the time comes 🙂 so i’m adjusting to few things like..stretching every Ringgits i have. i have to pick every single detail of food going into my tummy (yes,calories/carbs control) i become really picky when deciding to buy groceries. there’s so many things to do but so little money in my pocket. haha! sometimes,we (rashid and i ) were tested with great obstacles.sometimes,when we were about to stack our money..some incidents just keep on surfacing. we were just left with no choice but to chip out a bit of our savings.it’s saddening but insyaAllah, Allah have great plans for us. for me, i do hope that every single kindness i do..will come back in a good way. i do pray sometimes when i was about to succumb to hardship,i will just be thankful as the obstacles are not greater than what ever we had. maybe it’s just a pinch of salt. in every yummy life.

i am also adjusting to become a NO NO person.remember i told you back then, i was really bad at saying NO to things. but for now, i believe that i must be firm and steady with every decisions i make. if i keep on saying yeses and at the end, i was the one who will face the consequences..well i guess you just have to put on a straight face and say NO. that’s it. i do pray to be as cold as i can be on that. but i just hope that some people will understand that the things that i do is for my own goodness.not them.so shoosshh scaryy and possessive people! 😛 work had been fine.alhamdulillah..it’s been three years now..but I do hope that the choices that i made will keep my ducks in a row. i do want to pursue my second degree someday.insyaAllah..and i do have aims.butttt..it all has to line up..one duck after another ok 🙂

and so,lets laze for now.it’s sunday..just stay in,drink coffee and laze around.. (^__^) much love xx


oh my oh my! i’m 45mins away from talking in public today.. (>___<) remember i told you i was taking over a friend's post recently..today,the usual work done by her..is gonna be done by me! and i am going to do a 30mins talk about our company's system. scarrryyy!! i mean,it's not like scary scary..kinda thing..more of nervous!! i have not been speaking in public for how many years now?? arrghkkk..i can hear my tummy screaminggg 😛

wish me luck peeps! i hope i won’t drown by the big podium (knowing my lil petite height.lol) and no,i don’t wear heels at work so don’t expect me to put on one! and i know i should at least eat something to calm me down right now.but i’m on my ‘puasa ganti’ day 12 today.and i think, if i choose to eat today..it will be worse.the more food u have in your body, the more you will feel like ‘puking’ or ‘dispersing’ ..oppps!ok2..i gotta go back to rehearsing.i hope everything will go well..bismillahirrahmanirrahim.. much love xx


have u ever had a love hate relationship? not with your spouse or your partner. i dare not to go there.but it’s a love hate relationship among your friends.

a little bird told me.this kind of relationship always happen among you and your friend.it’s really hard at times to let them know that you don’t like them at certain time.some people have friends who can talk bad about them behind their back.but in front of them, he/she’s like an angel and acting all nice to them.but in other state, some people have friends who chose certain friends just to be nice to them.something like favoritism a.k.a pilih kasih.they call you best friend, BFF, till death do us part kind of friend.but yet,they talk about you behind your back.hmm..so what kind of friend is that?

some friends like to criticize you and your stuffs or anything you wear or people you like.for example the conversation was like :

a : what kind of bag do you wear?
b : oh,urm some calvin Kiah..i got it cheap at here..and here
a : oh,u should not buy Calvin Kiah..they material is not good.sometimes it makes the bag look cheap.
b : ohhh..i just buy something that I feel comfortable with.

the end

so u see,some people will critics you straight into your face.i mean,i totally understand if that kind of people is actually being a true friend.and making sure you are not having/making the wrong decisions in buying stuffs etc.but the thing is..when it comes to THIS kind of person’s bags,clothes etc…they,my friend,could not tolarate other people critics.it’s not like they always made the right decision anyways! haha..i think you love them as your friend.but you hate them for their bad mouthing.LOL

and let say stuffs for wedding preparations.my my,everything that you choose must be like this and this.it’s not good like this.and that.all like gosh! super duper excellent critism..wayyy better than American Idol judges i tell you!! but when it comes to them, “oh..no,i did not choose that because i don’t like to brag about it..oh no, those kind of material sometimes stretched it will look bad on me.oh u should loose some weight, you might not fit into your wedding gowns.oh i don’t wear corsets because there’s nothing to be pushed or tighten” woaahhhh..hello miss fancy pants! who are you to judge people and yet, you did not let people judge you at the littlest point at all! kritik orang boleh, orang nak komen sikit pun takleh 😛 pfftt!!

do you have these kind of friends? well, i am not refering to myself (alhamdulillah..) but some people have friends like these.kesian.they are left with no choice but to endure it.because they are not just some strangers who you can slap right into their face.but it can be their closest friend,cousin,family etc.these kind of people,they should put a mirror in front of them.and face it,you are your own evil.and you should be your own critics.why must you go around and criticize people and putting people uncomfortable around you? they should realized that not all people can tolerate with criticism you know 😀

so that kind of love hate relationship makes you feel like urghhhh!!i wish u don’t exist in this world,kinda feeling.right? so what do you think? should this kind of people be loved?and forgiven? or just let them be cockiest and the snappiest people the can be.and make fun of everyone? hmmmm..it’s hard right?

oh well,have a bless Friday.have a nice weekend! 🙂 much love xx